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It is possible to start a low cost animal related business. The simple strategy is to scale down number of animals you keep. This will reduce cost of feeding, space, watering and medical costs. Here are 10 animal businesses with low startup

mud crab
mud crab

10 Animal Businesses with Low Startup

1. Free range chicken

A low startup animal related business is keeping free range chicken. The person interested in this venture needs a safe expansive land for the birds to roam. Ideal location are people that live in rural areas, farm lands, open lands.

All you need is to buy a 4-5 hens and 2 cocks for starters. Make sure you restrict them for about 1 – 2 months before you allow them to roam. Therefore provide food for the month and gradually introduce them to the surrounding.

One the get used to the surrounding they will forage and take care of themselves. Supplement the food the find with chicken feed or regular food waste. Within a year the hens will have hatched several chicks. The process will continue and you will have more than 50 chickens within 2 years.


2. Keeping pigeons

Pigeon keeping is slightly challenging and fun. The major challenge is keeping them secured for at least 2 months. Provide food during this period to encourage them to stay.

You can start with 4 females and a male and make sure the bird coop is very comfortable and safe. The coop should have enough space to accommodate more lodgers. Once the pigeons are free they will fly off in the morning and return in the evening. After a while you will note that their numbers gradually increase.

3. Pooper Scooper

If you are not groused out with this business you can earn a fair wage.  Pooper scooper involves picking up dog poo to keep the environment clean.

4. Pet Sitting

You will make good money as a pet sitter if you have many clients. The person should have a genuine love for animals and loads of patience. Trust is an important factor in pet sitting.

The startup is very low and requires moderate advertisement few equipment. Simple flyers at pet related events, dog shows, pet shops, vet clinics will attract patronage. A pet sitter will need a leash, muzzle, pet toys and treats.

5. Professional Dog Walker

A professional walker needs boundless energy because walking dogs is energy sapping. Equipment involves pooper scooper, dog leashes, dog muzzle, and pet toys. To succeed you need regular patronage good time management, patience. Dog walkers that have their business close to parks or natural gardens will have more clients.

6. Barbecue Business

In a country like Nigeria in West Africa has a delicacy call Suya. Suya is roasted lean cow meat marinated in pepper/groundnut flour. You find along busy streets at night working from a make shift shed. Other popular barbecue delicacy are roasted Croaker fish. In Accra Ghana popular barbecue are stick meat, pork, pork sausage.

7. Home veterinarian

Granted it takes lots of money and education to become a qualified veterinarian. Once you are certified all you need are basic clinic tools, medication to practice the trade. You can establish a clinic or choose to do only outcalls. Majority of your clients are dog owners who simple medical procedures like deworming, treating cuts and bruises.

8. Catfish Farming

You will say catfish farming? Are you kidding me! Yes Catfish Farming. The business is practicable from home or a dedicated farm. There are two aspects to the business breeding fingerlings for sale or breeding table sized fish. Breeding fingerlings even though technically challenging is the easier one of the two. To produce table sized fish stock only the number you can conveniently feed. The most difficult part of the business is feeding and water management.

9. Vegetable Farming

You need fertile soil to successfully grow vegetables. The business is low cost, moderately challenging and require much physical labor. However larger farms can use mechanized machinery to till the ground.

10. Pig farming

A practitioner can start with one female and one male pig. Separate the male from the female and introduce only when female is in heat. Pigs eat virtually anything from household waste food to commercial feed.

A single female can produce several young within a year. The only expense is purchasing the adult pigs. If you are not time conscious buy piglets to reduce costs.

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