10 Creative Uses for Old Wooden Pallets

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Uses for Old Wooden Pallets

There are many creative uses for wooden pallets in the farm or garden. Most pallets are generally free or discarded by warehouses and factories in large numbers. It is not an uncommon sight to find them pilled up in the rain gathering dust.

This is because pallets are surprisingly strong durable material. That is why they have many applications including supporting different heavy items. They easily hold thousands of pounds of storage goods, equipment or merchandise.

Establish a poultry equipment factory

Why use for old wooden pallets

Old wooden pallets have good structural integrity, they are durable tough and easily manipulated. They are ideal for small farm structures, small sheds or compost bin.

Other uses include a simple pallet fence, vertical garden structure or working bench. Once done with the projects you will have spare wooden slats perfect for more DIY projects.

Uses for Old Wooden Pallets

10 Creative Uses for Old Wooden Pallets

1. Frame for chicken coop

Old wooden pallets are perfect frames for a coop. use them to make the frame of the chicken coop or bird cage. To make a chicken coop by using 3 pallets one on each side and a box opening in front.

You can use another pallet for the roof and cover with roofing material. The elevated box front needs either a door or wire cage in front.

2. Tool shed

Do you need a shed in your garden then pallets are perfect for tool shed construction. There are two ways to go about it either deconstruct the pallet and use the wood for the shed frame or use them directly to make the shed. A good tool shed size is 4×8 toolshed to keep tools in your garden.

3. Compost bin

Use four pallets to build a compost bin with the front detachable. This will afford easy access to compost to mix it periodically. To build the compost bin simply screw the four pallets together in a box shape with the top open.

4. Pallet fence

We are surprised that not many people use pallets to make a fence. They are perfect for pallet fencing to keep animals safe on the farm. Use a horizontal and perpendicular technique to build a sturdy strong and durable fence. The fence will keep livestock from wandering away from the farm yard.

5. Build a worm farm

A worm farm is similar in structure to a compost bin however the bin has a few layers. Build the worm farm and introduce good loose soil, earthworms and wet occasionally to keep moist.

6. Dog house

Instead of spending good money on an expensive plastic dog house why not build one with pallets. There are different types of dog housing from wooden to block, concrete or brick. Pallets dog houses are strong, secure with adequate ventilation for the animal. The same applies to building a goat enclosure or rabbit hutch.

7. Mini greenhouse

To build a mini greenhouse you need a few pallets. The building should be at least 4 feet high 4 feet wide 4 feet in length. This makes them very handy easy to move from one location to the next.

8. Make shelves

A good garden needs outdoors shelving to keep odds and ends. Carefily select the size of pallet you need and start making the shelves.

9. Build a workbench

Use four pallets a piece of ply wood and screws to make a simple workbench. If construed right it will last a long time and very handy. All you need for a functional workbench are 2 sides, 1 back and a top.

10. Build a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are easy to build and very functional. Design a simple open air vertical garden to accommodate vegetables or small fruits trees.

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