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  1. Chicken Egg Hatchery

A good venture to consider is egg hatchery business. Farmers need regular supply of day-old chicks for meat or egg production. Purchase quality hatchery equipment, network with farmers. Use effective marketing strategy and discounts to attract patronage.

  • Vegetable Farming

Vegetable farming is labor intensive, moderately challenging. Vegetables are highly perishable therefore locate the farm close to market. To start lease of buy fertile soil that supports vegetable grown. Large farms require mechanized equipment to reduce labor costs.

  • Dairy milk production

An average dairy farm costs from 1million naira ($3000) to 10 million naira. Facilities include milking equipment, sheds, cows, storage facility. Good farm maintenance, quality feed and veterinarian services are essential to success.

  • Florists

Every abandon space in major metropolis are turned into small gardens. This is because florists find it easier to grow flowers in pots. The investor needs practical knowledge of flowers, shop, and basic equipment.

  • Cashew nut Business

In Nigeria cashew nut is big business. The value chain starts from the farmers, middlemen, major tenders. You need to decide which area of production or sales. There is huge international and local market for the product.

  • Cashew nut farming

It takes several years for cashew to grow from sprouts. However once mature the farmer will get good harvest each year. The nuts grow in only specific climatic conditions and soil.

  • Cashew processing

Processing cashew involves sun drying, processing and packaging. The dried cahew attract premium price in international markets and used by food processing companies.

  • Chicken egg production

Chicken eggs are in huge demand due to their delicious taste and health benefits. Egg produce needs to buy layer hens for good results. Equipment are layer cage system, layer mash, egg trays.

  • Duck egg production

Duck eggs are harder to produce than chickens. However the eggs are equally important and attract good price. Provide duck housing good space with perimeter fencing for foraging.

  1. Pig farming

Pigs grow relatively fast are in high demand and single pig can produce 5 to 10 piglets. You can start a small pig farm with N350, 000 ($1000). Build a pig pen, separate the male from female, and hire a vet. Pigs will eat a large variety of food so they are east to feed.

  1. Restaurant Delivery Service
  2. Lobster Fishing Business

Lobster fishing is challenging and very lucrative. The industry is highly regulated and you need a license to operate. You need specialized equipment, knowledge of the instry and startup capital.

  1. Lemonade Stand

Young children when they need pocket money open a lemonade stand. The equipment needed is basic and easy to source. You need a juicer, cups lots of ice and a good location. The location should have lots of human traffic (pedestrians).

  1. Ice Cream Truck Business
  2. Ice Cream Parlor
  3. Guard Dog Business
  4. Grocery Store
  5. Baby food business
  6. Animal husbandry business
  7. Animal rescue business
  8. Bakery
  9. Berry picking farm
  10. Bread bakery
  11. Bonsai tree business
  12. Candy store
  13. Bubble tea business
  14. Cheese shop
  15. Chicken renting service
  16. Chicken diaper business
  17. Chocolate business
  18. Cider mill business
  19. Coffee roasting business
  20. Coffee shop
  21. Cupcake business
  22. Diner
  23. Dinner theater
  24. Dried flower business
  25. Energy drink business
  26. Equine therapy business
  27. Farmers market
  28. Family style restaurant
  29. Fine dining restaurant
  30. Flower shop
  31. Frozen yogurt business
  32. Fusion restaurant
  33. Gift basket business
  34. Goat rental business
  35. Gourmet popcorn shop
  36. Gardening class business
  37. Grocery store delivery business
  38. Guard dog business
  39. Horseback riding lessons business
  40. Health food store
  41. Healthy fast food restaurant
  42. Herb farm
  43. Hot sauce business
  44. Juice bar
  45. Jam business
  46. Landscape supply business
  47. Microbrewery
  48. Pet fish store
  49. Pet bakery
  50. Pet hotel business
  51. Petting zoo
  52. Plant nursery
  53. Pet photography
  54. Pet portraits
  55. Smoothie
  56. Tea shop
  57. Sushi restaurant
  58. Veterinary practice
  59. Tree service
  60. Tree stump removal business
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  81. Fishing
  82. Fishing shop
  83. Smoked fish seller
  84. Coldroom business
  85. Meat store
  86. Sturgeon farming
  87. Sturgeon caviar
  88. 10 animal business ideas

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