18 Ways to Make Money with Catfish Farming in Nigeria


There are many ways to make money with your catfish farm other than selling your produce. With a little ingenuity you can think of interesting business ideas using your fish farm.

Fish farms can generate lots of income either daily or monthly depending on your business format. Listed below are twenty ways to make money with your catfish farm.

1                    Breeding your catfish from eggs. 

Breeding catfish for other farmers or self use is highly lucrative. Breeding is one of the two basic fish farming types done by fish farmers.

The Breeders grow fry and fingerlings for sale to farmers who source the fish from them. The large number of fry you get from a single fish equates cool cash.

Many fish breeders smile all the way to the bank doing this business.

Breed African Catfish at home in Artificial Environment

2                    Selling your produce in bulk.

Selling your large fish in bulk is the second way fish farmers make money. Although more difficult than breeding fish because the fish farmer has to grow them to table size before offering them for sale.

To sell in bulk the fish farmer sells mostly to retailers. The retailers are usually market women who buy in bulk and sell directly to customers.

3                    Selling directly to customers.

The fish farmer can sell directly to customers and make greater gain than selling in bulk. The only downside is the fish farmer makes money at a slower pace. Another challenge is finding the customers because more buyers mean faster sales

4                    Organize a tour.

Tours are popular especially to place of interest like farms, lakes, botanical gardens or zoo. There are other ways to make money from your catfish farm using this method.

People interested in fish farming are also interested in the practical aspect of the business. They are willing to pay for tours of your fish farm.

The farmer can also organize tours for high school students and the general public for cash.

5                    Have a Workshop on your farm.

The farmer can organize a practical workshop on his farm. The farm is a perfect location to have a practical workshop. You charge the participants for the workshop and repeat the process monthly.

6                    Become a fish farm consultant.

Having the farm makes it easier to do consultancy work. By leveraging on your experience and having a practical location makes the job better.

7                    Offer fish farm management services.

You can use your fish farm to make lots of money by offering fish farm management services. You can offer to manage other peoples stock on your farm. They pay you for your services while keeping the farm busy.

8                    Leases part of your farm.

Leasing empty ponds is a sure way of making money. Fish needs time to grow so you can lease the pond for six to one year.

Leasing ponds fulfills two functions it keeps the empty pond busy while making extra cash for the farmer.

9                    Sell processed fish.

You can make lots of money selling processed fish. Processed fish can be sold as smoked or roasted fish. Smoke fish is in high demand both in Africa and abroad because it is used as condiments in soup/stews.

Many African dishes use smoked fish to boost the taste of their delicious dishes. Smoked fish is also added to Nigerian dishes like beans, moi moi, egusi stew and may more. Processed catfish attracts premium price and the fish used for smoked fish are usually young adult fish.

10                Export processed catfish.

Processed catfish attracts even more money when exported to foreign countries. The reason is because they are difficult to source in those lands. If the fish farmer gets a buyer he needs to process the fish according to the buyer’s requirement.

The farmer also needs to know government regulations and exporting procedures.

11                Sell stock photography.

Stock photography can make the farmer some money.  Stock photography websites get millions of photographs and offer them for download. You can take unique photographs of your fish farm for sale.

The farmer can also take photographs of the fish themselves and even the equipment.

12                Make a picture book.

The farmer can take the photographs further by making a picture book. Picture books when properly done are sort after. Another way is to write an eBook with beautiful photographs and illustrations.

13                Write a business manual.

Manuals are big business especially how to manuals. The manual can be sold on and offline either in print or eBooks format. The farmer can sell the manuals via the internet, and offline to interested subscribers.

14                Make a YouTube video.

YouTube videos are very popular and can earn the owner a share of income generated form advertisers. Having a fish farm makes it easier making a few videos on catfish farming. Most YouTube videos are made by amateurs yet a few get large numbers of hits.

15                Open a market store.

The fish farmer can go further in his business if he opens a market store. The store fulfills the end part of fish farming which is selling directly to customers. A market store is a sure way to make lots of money because it eliminates the need for middlemen.

16                Sell directly to popular outfits.

Popular business locations like bars, restaurants and hotels buy catfish. They buy more quantity than individual customers but less than retailers. The good side is that they pay reasonably better than the retailers and buy regularly.

make money leasing your catfish pond

17                Why not open your own outlet.

You have seen the benefit of selling to bars and restaurants why not open one. It makes sense to make all the profit have an outlet and leverage on a new business format. Many big businesses out of necessity started subsidiary businesses which service the main business.

18                Get someone to sell your stock retail.If you can sell your stock directly to individual customers you cut out the middleman. The market woman who deals predominantly  with fish is the retailer. If you can get someone to sell your fish in the market then you are looking to make huge profit.

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