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Do you love animals and are interested in setting up a business then you are in luck. We will highlight several business ventures with little or no financial involvement and make huge profit.

Animal care practitioners offer good support system for pet owners. The sectors are diverse but have the basic function to ease the difficulty in keeping pets. The top pets favored by pet lovers include Dogs, Cats, Birds, different exotic fish species.

The not so common pets are rabbits, reptiles, snakes and rodents. It takes a special person to keep a pet, love it and nurture it to its full potential. There are various reasons people keep pets such as for companionship, for protection and fun.

The pet industry in India is huge and it has lots of potential for business people to start a successful business. The first step for budding entrepreneurs is to discover the pet care segment that best appeals to them.

These are a few areas you can consider when setting up your pet business. They all have there moderate challenges but are rather easy to execute.

20 Profitable Pet Related Business Ideas

Common pets

Common house hold pets are dogs, cats and birds. You have exotic animals, reptiles, snakes and lizards.

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • exotic animals
  • reptiles
  • snakes
  • lizards
  1. Breeding business

Breeding pets for sale is the number one source of huge profit for the smart investor. The type of pet you choose depends on your local market and general interest. Dog breeders are known to make six figure incomes yearly especially if they focus on high end breeds.

The type of dog you choose to breed also depends on the local market. You can breed guard dogs, decorative dogs, tinny dogs or show dogs. Some dog breeders specialize in just a few breeds while others use the broad band approach.

Cats on the other hand reproduce at an alarming rate and they don’t attract the premium price of dogs. You can also try breeding Goldfish because they are attractive and people love them. You can also make some cool cash selling Goldfish.

To start breeding dogs you need a moderate facility and a number of kernels. The dogs should be properly cared for through adequate feeding, healthcare and grooming.

You can start with a few female and male dog’s and gradually expand your operation. You location is important because dogs tend to be noisy and locating them within residential areas is bad business.

You can market your pets through classified advertisements, posters, banners, word of mouth and even online. Keep you price competitive and within the range of what obtains in the market.

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  1. Pet Shop Business

You can open a pet shop in your area especially around high or middle class areas. People love pets and are willing to spend lots of money acquiring them.

A pet shop should have lots of verity to attract both young and old pet enthusiasts. Common pets found in pet shops are dogs, cats, exotic fish, rodents, harmless snakes and mammals.

The interesting thing about owning a pet shop is that the customer buys the pet from you and the food. They will come back again and again for the animal’s food, medication and even pet accessories.

So you don’t only make money from selling pets but other aspects of the business. The irony about pets like gold fish is that they barely last two years before they die. So a goldfish lover will come to replace the lost ones on a regular base.

Locate your pet shop in a residential area and get local government certification or approval. Stock different pets and keep only the popular ones.

  1. Pet Grocery Store Business

You can specialize in pet feed and open a pet grocery store. Commercial fish farmer’s need there fish to grow in order to make profit. The pet feed store owner can leverage on this market by providing catfish feed for such farmers.

Selling the catfish feed assures the pet feed store owner regular patronage and lots of profit. The feed store can also cater for dog food, cat food and even parrot seeds and supplements for other animals.

If you can identify the basic need in your locality you will make money with your pet feed store.  Pets need to eat so owing a pet grocery store in an area that has lots of pets is a win-win situation.

Locate your store along a popular road and include beautiful signs and posters to attract pet owners. Stock only the produce that is in high demand and disregard unpopular ones.

  1. Vet Services Business

Pets are living things too and are prone to sickness and disease. They need constant care and attention to thrive and grow. So if you are a qualified vet then the logical step is to open a vet service.

However, a businessman seeking to cash in on this sector can hire a qualified vet. The vet doctor’s services might be required on weekly bases to treat pets brought into your healthcare center.

The vet doctor could also stand by for any emergency treatment and operations. You might need government certification to run a vet service and other standard equipment.

You can also offer your clients out calls to treat their ailing pets. The business model is moderately capital driven and you need to plan properly to make profit.

  1. Selling Pet Accessories

Pet accessory Stores are big businesses especially in the western world attracting lots of innovations and big players. Top designers like Gucci are even attracted to this sub sector of pet care.

A smart businessman can leverage on this market with good results. Pet accessories don’t come cheap and pet owners are ready and willing to pay top dollar.

Common pet accessories are chains, bets, pet cloths, pet jewelry and bags. Other accessories include feeding plates, fancy pet houses, toys, ribbons and perfumes.

Pet accessories are a niche market that makes several million dollars worldwide. To succeed in this business you need to locate your store in a high brow area to attract high net worth individuals and stock your store with high end items.

If you have a creative flare then you can make beautiful accessories and include them in your store. Don’t forget common accessories like dog chains, collars and belts.

  1. Pet-Care Website

You can build your own pet care website and earn income.  Websites dedicated to pets and pet owners are a huge hit on the internet.

The websites attract lots of traffic and visitors which can be harnessed into hard cash. There are many advantages of running a pet lover website which is ecommerce based.

You can sell various items like accessories, supplements, animal feed and high end pet cloths. You can make money from subscriptions to your newsletter, and web advertisements.

Other sources of income for pet care websites are referrals, affiliate links and direct advertisement placement. You can even sell live pets like goldfish, dogs and rodents.

To achieve success running a pet care website the only thing you need is high quality informative content and lots of traffic.

  1. Make Your Own Dog Food

Dogs eat tons of food monthly and dog owners are willing to buy ready made dog food. A smart businessman can earn huge profit making his own dog food.

Once you get the basic ingredients and a way to preserve the food and proper tinning and storage you are in business.

Several billions of dog food are bought worldwide yearly why not cash in on this trend. To make your dog food you need to study the nutritional requirements of dogs.

The next step is to get the proper equipment and certification. You also need to brand you dog food so pet owners can choose it off a shelf.

You can start small and expand the business as your customer base increases. If your food is quality the dogs and pet owners will know.

To sell your produce you can approach stores, supermarkets, pet shops or open and outlet yourself. If you are located in an area that has lot of dog owners you will succeed.

  1. Write a Book on Pet Care

Books are all the rage online and getting it published is relatively easy. Gone are the days a writer would send his manuscript to countless publishers with no respond.

Today once you have completed your manuscript all you need is to self- publish and in a few days its in the market. Pet care books are big sellers and you can ear monthly royalty from your publication.

To produce a good pet care book you need lots of useful information, research and good content. You can easily hire a proofreader and editor online.

The format your book takes depends on you either as an eBook or print-on –demand. The same goes to the publishing house because there are a large number of players online.

Price your books appropriately; create a beautiful cover art and promoting your book is the key to success. You can try writing different books on various pet care ideas you have.

The more book publications the higher your returns for your creativity and investment in time.

  1. Dog Walking Business

Dog walking has some limitations especially in India and it’s not as popular as in America or Europe. But dog walking is a viable business with little overhead or financial involvement.

Dogs need lots of exercise hence the need to walk dogs and get rid of all that nervous energy. If you are innovative especially when it comes to getting clients you can make some earnings doing this business.

You also need to know the kind of dogs you take for a walk including preventive measure to forestall accidents. Another crazy pet business is pet home seating business. Very high net worth individuals even pay people to home seat there pets.

  1. Pet Handling and Training

Pets by their nature are wild animals despite the several hundred years of human pet integration.  They need special handling, training and grooming to fit into a pet lover’s ideal animal.

If you have the perquisite skill at training and handling pets then you can start a pet training business. You don’t need lots of cash to execute this business only lot of knowledge and patience.

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