Aksai black pied pig

Facts on Aksai Black Pied Pig Breed

The origin of Aksai black pied pig is traced to Kazakhstan. Despite the name it features a very distinctive black/grey, white coloration. The entire pig is pinkish white with black patches like a Dalmatian. Bred for their meat content the animal is domesticated and ideal for commercial production. Aksai Characteristics It has short coat hairs, […]

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Yorkshire blue and white pig’s

The Yorkshire Blue and White Pig

The domesticated Yorkshire blue and white pig origin is traced to the United Kingdom. Conservation status of the animal is regarded as extinct. Also known was ‘Blood Breed’ or Bilsdale blue the small pig was found in North Riding of Yorkshire. Physical Appearance Yorkshire blue and white pig has prominent blue spots on the skin. […]

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Banza pig

How to Identify Banza Pig Breed

The Banza pig’s origin is traced to Romania 1872. It is found in the Transylvania region birth place of Dracula legend. The breed is predominantly a cross between Mangalitsa and Berkshire pig. Basque pig details Characteristics The highly mobile Banza pig has pigmented skin, un-pigmented hair. The Berk breed color is black white belted shoulders. […]

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basque pig

Basque Pig Details and Facts

It is not uncommon to see the Basque pig at the Paris International Agricultural Show. This almost extinct swine have made good recovery in the conservation status. They were common in early 20th century and almost became extinct by 1981. The number of sows at that period were less than 100 sows. Known by different […]

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highland cattle

How to Identify Highland Cattle Breed

The highland cattle origin is traced to Western Isles of Scotland. Records show two distinct highland cattle however due to crossbreeding one on exists today. Because of their native environment in the highlands of Scotland, the breed is hardy and tolerant to diverse climatic conditions. They have good temperament and very protective of their young. […]

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Planting, Growing and Care for Salvia

Salvia has a verity of flower colors from red, pink, purple. Others are yellow, White, green and blue. The beautiful garden plant attracts butterflies and grow in any soil type. Salvia requires full sun, slightly acidic to neutral soil. The hardiness zones is 4, 5,7,8,9 and plant blooms in summer or fall. Other features include […]

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