Cheese Shop

Cheese Shop: How to Start a Cheese Shop

This business is perfect for people with a passion for cheese. A shop generate revenue from bulk or individual sales of cheese and other products. To attract a steady flow of customers leverage on quality products, effective marketing and location. Create strong customer base by offering them a personalized experience, providing quality products and services. […]

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How to Start Restaurant Delivery Service

There are several ways to start a restaurant delivery service. The first is to start a restaurant and add a delivery service. Another way is to own a delivery service and attach to some restaurants in your locality. Other methods include franchising, becoming a partner or buying into an existing delivery service. Nonprofit Animal Recue […]

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How to Start Nonprofit Animal Rescue

A nonprofit animal rescue requires lots of logistics and planning. Funding is basically sourced from donators and the job requires selfless service. The venture should have some legal backing including community representation. Other requirements are volunteer professionals in the animal industry. This venture is more service oriented than a money making venture. Professional rescuers earn […]

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