Soy Feed Fish: Guide to Soy-Based Feed for Fish

To increase aquaculture yield the feed should incorporate good absorption and 100% ingredient digestion. Best feed are cost effective perfect for different marine spices low waste. There are also environmental considerations ingredient souring and price. Different Kinds of Fish Feed Different types of fish food includes non-conventional feed, frozen and dried feed. Others are fresh […]

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layer chickens

Types of Farming: 13 Major Types of Farming

Introduction The product and farming system determines the type of farm. Eggs or bird meat requires stocking poultry like chickens, duck, turkey, quail even ostriches. Products that arise from poultry include eggs, feathers, meat. Other milk from diary cows, meat sources like goat, sheep, pig, cattle. Crop farming involves production of seeds, different types of […]

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Guide to Starting Juice bar Business

Types of juice Fruit juice is classified into vegetable juice, alcoholic beverage, fruit and fruit drink. Others are branded fruit juice, fruit vinegar, carbonated fruit drink. Vegetable juice Fruit Fruit drink Branded fruit juice Fruit vinegar Carbonated fruit drink Alcoholic beverage Vegetable juice Vegetable based juice are Wheatgrass, tomato, watercress juice. Others are Tejuino, Spinach, […]

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Pig Information Guide

List of Pigs  Angeln Saddleback Pig Beijing Black Pig Belarus Black Pied Pig Bentheim Black Pied Pig Berkshire Pig Breed Auckland Island Pig  Angeln Saddleback Pig Information Guide This rare endangered pig’s origin is traced to Angeln, Germany. Also known as Angler Sattelschwein the Angeln Saddleback pig is a cross between the wessex saddleback and […]

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How to Start Waste Wood Recycling Business

Waste recycling involves waste wood collection, sorting. The wood is repurposed, repaired or recycled and sold to end-users. Practitioners provide environmental service, including direct and indirect labor. Things to consider before starting the business is type of equipment, landed space, labor, utility truck, labor costs. First write a business plan and carry out a feasibility […]

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