Integrated Agri- Aquaculture System

Integrated agri-aquaculture system comprise agriculture and aquaculture sub-system. Most farmers are small hold farmers or household enterprise. It involves integration of animal manure as pond fertilizer, crop and fish production. Terrestrial pond sediments is used as crop fertilizers is used as supplementary feed for fish. Interactions include weed and pest control components of agri-aquaculture system. […]

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organic fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer: Organic Waste to Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is derived from compost, vegetable matter, food waste, crop residue, excreta. While organic food waste comprises waste grains, packaged food, fruits, vegetables, fish/meat entrails. Food waste is a serious problem in urban areas of the world. Huge garbage dumpsites have adverse environmental impact on the people’s lives. Negative effect include diseases, health hazards, […]

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Sewage Fish: Sewage–Fed Fish Culture

Huge population growth around the world requires a sustainable source of protein. Demand for fish is growing every day while fisheries struggle to meet the huge demand. To fill the gap fish farming has become very lucrative. Advancement in technology better knowledge of feed/water management has increase production. To meet this demand there are different […]

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