commercial grape farm

Guide to Post-Harvest Technology for Fruit Production

Post-Harvest Technology: Haven achieved a bountiful yield farmers need to invest in solid pot-harvest technology. Technology is needed to facilitate best practices in quality preservation, picking, storage, transportation. Other reasons for proper investment in the technology is loss prevention, food security, avoidance of contamination, increased shelf-life. Groundnut cultivation Why Invest in Post-Harvest Technology achieved a […]

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commercial rabbit farm

Rabbit Farming Business Plan in India

Rabbit farming business plan looks at the cost and benefit of rabbit production. Rabbit meat is fast gaining ground and an alternative to beef production. The cost benefits are high with low feed requirements, basic housing fast growth. A farmer earns extra income, high returns, low maintenance easy startup. Rabbit farming involves meat and wool […]

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ducks for eggs

Duck Farm Business Plan for Beginners

Duck Farm Business Plan Poultry and duck farming are related however the techniques, equipment and feeding requirements differ. Poultry relates to chicken, turkey, duck and quail. Duck farm business plan includes population control, duck shelter, equipment, feed, disease control. Farming duck involves meat production or egg production based on the farmer’s requirements. The produce meat/eggs […]

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organic farming

List of Gardening Tools and Farming Equipment

Farming Tool Farming tools are heavy, light or hand tools used in the farming process. They are either manual or automatic based on the manufacturer’s specification. Equipment is needed for tilling, weeding, carrying, dumping and digging. Others are deployed as pest control, transportation, irrigation, harvesting. Mechanization Mechanization is a process whereby a farmer used machinery […]

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murrah buffalo

Guide to Murrah Buffalo Farming

Murrah Buffalos are an integral part of cattle farming and found in many countries. They are common to Brazil, Ecuador and Azerbaijan. More include countries that farm Murrah are Colombia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Guatemala and Malaysia. However half the population of Murrah Buffalos are found in India. Murrah buffalo produces high quality milk and a great […]

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100 Agriculture Business Ideas

Chicken Egg Hatchery A good venture to consider is egg hatchery business. Farmers need regular supply of day-old chicks for meat or egg production. Purchase quality hatchery equipment, network with farmers. Use effective marketing strategy and discounts to attract patronage. Vegetable Farming Vegetable farming is labor intensive, moderately challenging. Vegetables are highly perishable therefore locate […]

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