Cold Chain

Cold Chain: Cold Chain for Agriculture

Cold chain is an integrated support system that reduce waste in fresh produce. According to studies 50% of fresh vegetables/fruits, 30% fish and 20%meat are lost from production to consumption. This is truer in African countries with challenges in cold chain system. The term implies the use of low temperature control to reduce rotting and […]

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How to Start Turkey Farming in India

Start Turkey Farming in India: Domesticated in Europe and native to North America there are many breeds of turkey. List of the bird are Midget white turkey, black turkey, Bourbon Reds, Beltsville small white. Others are Broad Breasted White Turkey, White Holland turkey, Royal Palm, Standard Bronze and Narragansett Turkey. How to start a commercial […]

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Start Cane Furniture Manufacturing in India

Cane furniture manufacturing is made as per customer’s standards and specifications. Quality depends on the cost, design and material used in the construct. This business is highly lucrative because of the huge local and international market for cane products. The material is perfect for interior decoration, office and domestic applications. An entrepreneur interested in business […]

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How to Start Furniture making business

Furniture Making business: If you want a career in manufacturing to create new innovative designs at reasonable prices then furniture business is your best bet. You can work from home or workshop and expand as the business grows. You can sell your customized products online and off depending on your business template. Learn Furniture Making […]

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Pond Management in Brackishwater System

Stock pond management in brackishwater system is essential for good productivity. Brackish water culture involves the production of prawns or local fish in a controlled environment. The business is very viable because the prawns or shrimps have good local and export market. 70% of prawn culture in India is traditions system of farming. Things that […]

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Doe Management in Goat Production

Doe Management An adult male goat is referred to as buck while an adult female goat is a doe. To have a successful breeding program proper doe management will impact positively on output. Management of doe includes organizing the feeding schedule, hoof check and deworming. Other aspects are breeding schedule, hair clipping from reproductive organs, […]

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