Aseptic Processing

Aseptic Filling: Aseptic Processing Information Guide

Aseptic processing is used in commercial production to thermally sterilize liquid product packaging. Widely used in pharmaceutical/food industry the process involves packaging containers under previously sterilized condition. This invariably increases shelf life of the products without the need for refrigeration. Aseptic processing involves conservation of sterilized packaging, sterilization of packaging and thermal sterilization of product. […]

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Paper Bag Making

How to Start Paper Bag Making Business

Paper bag making business is very lucrative and moderately challenging. The industry is ecofriendly and product attract huge demand. Startup requirements include finance, labor, equipment, transportation, legal site location, and marketing. Paper bag opportunity There is huge business opportunity in the paper bag industry. Things to consider are type of bag produced, standardization and quality […]

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How to Start Exide Battery Dealership in India

Exide Battery Dealership There are different types of batteries with various applications therefore an investor interested in starting a battery dealership needs to understand battery technology. Elements of batteries are cells, chemical reactions, electrodes and circuits while omponents include negative electrodes( the anode), positive electrodes (the cathode) and electrodes. The battery stores electrical energy which […]

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beetroot beer

Beet Beer: Beetroot Beer Brewing Information Guide

Beet Beer startup Startup requirement for small scale beetroot brewing project includes operating a brew house. Others are company registration, operational license, and knowledge of beer making. More are product testing, certification, insurance, tax, site location, raw material. The entrepreneur needs to hire qualified labor, secure funding, patent the brew, branding and marketing. Things to […]

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peppermint crop

Commercial Mint Farming/Growing Peppermint for Profit

Commercial Mint Farming Peppermint is easily established in sunny climate with good results. The fresh/dried leaves or essential oils has many industrial applications. Peppermint is essentially a sterile hybrid therefore propagation is done through cutting, runners or root stocking. Once the plant is established commercial peppermint farmers will obtain products for many years. Commercial mint […]

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What is Aquaponics System and how does it work

What is Aquaponics: Aquaponics is the growing of agricultural plants alongside aquatic animals in a circulatory system. The system combines hydroponic system with aquaculture in symbiotic environment. Water from aquaculture is fed to hydroponic system where nitrified bacteria breaks down byproducts excretions into nitrites then further to nitrates. The plants in aquaponic use the nitrate […]

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Cassava flour processing machines/equipment

Cassava flour processing machines/equipment is used to process cassava whole flour. Different from cassava starch it is a fine grayish or yellowish colored flour. Produced from whole cassava root the food is very popular in West African countries. Widely used in culinary applications the cassava flour processing machine is locally fabricated or imported. What is […]

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coffee shop

How to Start a Gourmet Coffee Business

Gourmet Coffee Business is popular with over 3 billion cups of coffee drank every day. Most are home brewed while others are sold in restaurants, pubs, hotels and coffee shops. An entrepreneur interested in opening a shop should have a passion for the business to succeed. Size or scope of the business depends on funding […]

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cheese farm

Cheese Business: How to Start a Cheese Farm

Cheese Farm: Making raw unpasteurized cheese is an art form that requires dedication, patience and knowledge of the craft. Then combine cheese making with running a small dairy farm the challenge quadruples. However there are many people who achieve a good synergy. There are two ways to start cheese making. The easier and straightforward way […]

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