hot dogs

Sausage Production: Hot Dogs Sausage Production

Sausage Production The most popular hot dogs sausages are frankfurter and wiener. Hot dogs are a favorite snack eaten worldwide. Preparation includes grilling, smoking, boiling or cooking depending on the recipe. Common condiments used in the preparation alongside hot dogs are mayonnaise, cheese, ketchup buns, and mustard. Garnishes are grated cheese olives, bacon, chilli, onions. […]

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meat pie

Meat Pie: How to Start Meat Pie Business

Meat pie business is very lucrative however startup depends on the business plan. It is possible to start a home-based business or small scale enterprise with low startup. There are medium to large sized establishments in the pie industry. The industry is under fast food structures, small hold shops or food delivery service. A meat […]

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How to Start Chocolate Making Business

Chocolate Making Business Chocolate continues to innovate with different flavors discovered daily. The billion dollar industry have major players in china, Western Europe and America. It is added to biscuits, snack bars, drinks, cereals, yoghurt and their products. The business is highly lucrative for small/medium or large enterprises. Things needed to start the enterprise are […]

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How to Start Chicken Diaper Business

Chicken Diaper Business Chicken diaper seemed rather strange however chicken breeders have used them for many years. The diaper are functional fashion accessories placed at the posterior end of the chicken. The diaper accessory is used in both rural and urban areas with chicken population. They are perfect for chicken kept partial indoor to prevent […]

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How to Start Honey Processing Business

Honey Processing Business The amount of investment in honey processing business depends on the scope of the establishment. However small scale production requires low start-up capital. Honey is a highly sort product because of its many applications and nutritional quality.  It is used in many culinary applications, canning companies, medical and industrial uses. Operating a […]

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gyr cattle

Gir Cow: Gyr Cattle Introduction Guide

Gir Cow Gir cow is a principal Zebu native milk cattle breed found in India. Native to Gir hill hills it is found in many regions of India. It is popular in district of Gujarat, Junagadh, Rajkot, Kathiawar and Bhavnagar. Other locations are  Surthi, Guajarati,Desan,Bhodali,Sorthi and Kathiawari. The hardy cattle is rugged, tough and tolerate […]

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