corn flakes

Start Corn Flakes Manufacturing Business

Corn flakes manufacturing business is profitable and challenging. The industry is saturated with many brands and multinational companies. Major challenges are market penetration, quality product, standardization and distribution. It requires huge funds for marketing, purchase of raw materials, equipment and wages. How to start soap making business Things to consider Write a corn flakes manufacturing […]

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Food Processing: Profitable Food Processing Business

Food Processing business Food processing is big business and covers a huge market base. There are many sectors and subsectors in the food processing industry. Raw ingredients are processed into edible food through cooking, grinding, steaming, mincing, boiling and macerating. They go through preservation and distribution methods such as salting, pickling, drying, freezing, pasteurizing and […]

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cattle in warehouse

Factory Farming: What exactly is Factory Farming?

Factory farming is intensive agriculture in stock density in a warehouse environment. The practice is widespread in countries to meet huge food requirements of the citizens. The intensive farming methodology might involve crude caging, space maximization or biotechnology depending on the template. Animal husbandry Animal husbandry as a practice involves livestock rearing, dairy production, extensive […]

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