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8 most profitable agricultural businesses

8 most profitable agricultural businesses The business of farming is very lucrative and there are many industries. An investor needs to determine their preference, top agricultural business ideas are catfish farming, maize farming, cassava farming. Others are snail farming, rice farming, pig and honey production. Top 8 most profitable agricultural businesses to consider Top profitable […]

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What are the essential nutrients for plants

What are the essential nutrients for plants In order to develop, produce fruit or flowers, a plant needs some essential nutrients to grow. There are some essential nutrients or specific compounds or elements for fast growth and development. Lack of these essential nutrients will cause stunted growth, poor development or zero seed germination. Organic compounds […]

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How to Plant Bell Peppers

How to Plant Bell Peppers Bell peppers are warm season plants perfect for tropical regions. You can grow them from seedlings or sprout’s. Growing from seed is moderately challenging as opposed to planting young sprouts. Best practice is to grow in a nursery then transplant when young plant is established. Types of bell peppers There […]

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Wheat milling machinery: Wheat milling plant design

Wheat milling machinery Wheat milling machinery process flow Wheat milling process flow starts with wheat harvesting, transportation to factors, sorting and cleaning. Next stage is milling, further processing, packing of wheat flour. Wheat milling flow wheat harvesting transportation to factors sorting and cleaning milling further processing packing of wheat flour animal feed plant Cleaning and […]

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How to reduce cannibalism in catfish

reduce cannibalism in catfish. A serious problem in catfish production is cannibalism. This involves the fish attacking and eating each other. Cannibalism could lead to huge loss of stock which impacts negativity on profit.To stop this dangerous precedence a farmer needs to understand the underlining reasons this bad behaviour persist. Personal experience. I currently have […]

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