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Garden Vegetables to Grow

Guide on 8 garden vegetables to grow from seeds. A gardener might choose to use seeds or young plants. Growing from seeds offer more verity is cheaper and more fun. It eliminates the need to transplant young plants from a nursery to the field. Here are 8 vegetables to grow from seed in your garden.
Kale grows easily in ideal climatic and soil conditions. A member of the cabbage family it is used in many culinary applications. Kale is common in omelets, baked, steamed or stir-fried. You can use it in salads, casserole or alongside cabbage.
2. Pumpkin
The pumpkin does not have long shelf life and require full sun, warm soil to grow. Use organic fertilizer, compost to increase soil nutrients to accommodate the plants voracious appetite.
3. Squash
There are two types of squash to consider based on your geographical location. We have the summer squash and winter squash. Once established they grow fast and produce regularly. They require full sun, warm soil, space and composted soil.

When to harvest vegetables and fruits
4. Lettuce
Lettuce is perfect for salads and other culinary uses. Slow to seed they require partial shade, good soil lots of water.
5. Beets
Purchase different varieties of beet seeds for your garden. Work the soil to loosing rocks and plant roots. Plant in rows and make sure the soil is loose and moist.
6. Beans
Once you plant beans seed it would sprout in 2 to 3 days. They are fast growing and require support to climb.
7. Cucumber
Provide support for the cucumber and plant in full sun. They require potassium, nitrogen rich soil and are ideal windbreakers. Avoid water logged soil and space them appropriately.
8. Carrot
Carrots are rich in carotene and many essential nutrients. To grow carrots work the soil to loosen it and remove rocks, roots and weeds. Ideal soil is sandy, well-drained and soft.

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