Agricultural tools: Farmers tools and their uses

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Agricultural tools

Agricultural tools are farming tools used for tilling soil, planting seedlings, cutting, weeding or splitting wood. They have diverse uses and are either handheld or mechanised. Here are a few agricultural tools for farmers.

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1. Shovel

Shovel is a hand tool used by construct workers or farmers. The handy tool is used for in moving bulk material like snow, sand, gravel , soul, ore or coal. It is used to mix sand, cement and gravel to make concrete mix. A shovel is the perfect tool for lifting and digging. Key features of a shovel is handle, long wood and shovel head.

The broad blade fixture is usually made from hard plastic or sheet steel, the handle is wood or fiberglass. Large machinery for excavation machinery are also regarded as shovels. We have excavators, steam shovels or loaders.


Types of shovel

There are different types of shovel from snow shovel, coal shovel, snow sled shovel, snow scoop shovel. Others include grain shovel, barn shovel, spoon shovel, gardening trowel, roofing shovel, spade, fireplace shovel.

Shovel Types

  1. snow shovel
  2. coal shovel
  3. snow sled shovel
  4. snow scoop shovel
  5. grain shovel
  6. barn shovel
  7. spoon shovel
  8. gardening trowel
  9. roofing shovel
  10. spade
  11. fireplace shovel

2. Spade

Spade are used for digging and moving earth, it requires manual labour to breakup earth and move soul. A spade has a stunted blade and long handle with sharp metal tip. They are made in a variety of designs based on the kind of work. A spade is primarily a digging tool however it is also used for ploughing.


3. Hoe

How is an agricultural tool used to shape or clear soil. It is used for weeding, digging narrow furrows, uprooting crops, clearing soil, and planting seeds.

Types of hoe

There are different types of hoe from the draw hoe, scuffle hoe, handle hoe, grab hoe, grub hoe, ridging hoe. Others are the Paxton hoe, flower hoe, hoe dag, mortar hoe,horse hoe, wheel hoe and clam hoe.

Types of hoe

  1. draw hoe
  2. scuffle hoe
  3. handle hoe
  4. grab hoe
  5. grub hoe
  6. ridging hoe
  7. Paxton hoe
  8. flower hoe
  9. hoe dag
  10. mortar hoe
  11. horse hoe
  12. wheel hoe and clam hoe

4. Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow is a one wheel hand propelled vehicle pushed or guided by a single individual. The wheelbarrow is designed to distribute weight and used to carry load. The central wheel supports the weight making it easy to carry bulkier load than ordinarily possible. You find them on farms, construction site, coal mine and gardens.

5. Hand trowel

A hand trowel is a gardening handheld tool used for planting bulbs, digging dirt and transplanting seedlings. Designed with a sturdy handle and scooper blade it resemble a mini shovel.

Hand trowel

6. Mallet

A mallet looks like a hammer but has wooden handle and large rubber head. The tool has good striking force less than steel and used to hammer things. Different material used in mallets are rawhide, wood, rubber, iron.

Types of mallet

There are different types of mallet based in the material, shape, size and function. We have iron mallet, cooking mallet, aluminium meat mallet and iron mallet with copper head. More types are stonemason mallet, wood mallet, rubber mallet, beetle mallet and dead blow mallet.


Types of mallet

  1. stonemason mallet
  2. wood mallet
  3. rubber mallet
  4. beetle mallet
  5. dead blow mallet

7. Bolo

Bolo is a large Philippines machete or single-edged knife used for hacking. Common to the Philippines army it has found other adoption in farming.

bolo tool

8. Rake

Rake is an agricultural tool used in the garden or farm. The horticultural implement has a toothed transversely fixed to a handle used for weeding, loosen soul, gather dry fallen leaves.

Types of rake

Typical rakes have either steel, bamboo or plastic teeth. There are different types of rake from the light-duty leaf rake to the heavy-duty bow rake. Others are wooden handle rake.

  1. steel
  2. bamboo
  3. plastic teeth
  4. light-duty leaf rake
  5. heavy-duty bow rake
  6. wooden handle rake

9. Hammer

Hammer is a hand tool with weighted head and fixed long handle. It is used in a swing and impact action to drive nail into wood or crush rock. Types of hammer are war hammer, geologist hammer, claw hammer.

10. Watering can

Watering can is a portable container with a handle and funnel used to ware plants and made from ceramic, metal, stainless steel or plastic.

11. Sprayer

Sprayer is a device used to spray liquid like water or weed killer. It ranges from heavy-duty machinery to backpack sprayers.

Different types of sprayer are Boom sprayer, Boomless sprayer nozzle, Mist sprayer and Three-point hitch sprayer
Others are Truck-bed sprayer, Towing-hitch sprayer, UTV sprayer, Backpack sprayer, ATV sprayer and Spot sprayer.

12. Sickle

Sickle is a single hand agricultural tool with a curved blade used for harvesting or cutting succulent forage. Wheat is harvested with sickle that have serrated edge.

13. Hand fork

Hand fork is a small handheld gardening tool used to plant seedlings or small plants. Other uses involve digging, uprooting, or weeding. Common features are 3 sharp sturdy pointed progs, wooden handle.


14. Shears

Shears is a cutting device to trim lawn, or shear an animal. Different types of shears are scissors, hair- cutting shears, blade shears, grass shears and kitchen shears.


15. Axe

Axe is an implement used to cut, shape or split wood. Made from different materials we have bronze, iron, steel, copper or stone axe. Types of axe are splitting axe, felling axe, hatchet, broad axe and battle axe.


16. Tractor

Tractor is a heavy-duty vehicle used in hauling heavy material. It is used in construction sites, farms and mining.