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Aloe Vera Market: Aloe Vera Market Information Guide

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Aloe Vera market

Aloe vera genus contains over 500 species of flowering succulent plants. The short stemmed shrub naturally establish in the wild and is one of the commercial viable shrubs.

Used for centuries in many herbal applications it is widely cultivated worldwide as a primary crop for Aloe gel. Found in food supplements, flavoring, herbal remedies and cosmetics. Top producers of Aloe vera are China, India, Mexico, Japan and Egypt.

Aloe vera farming

Aloe Products

  • food supplements
  • flavoring
  • herbal remedies
  • cosmetics
  • pharmaceutical products

Benefits of Aloe Overview

Therapeutic benefits of Aloe vera are still ongoing and require further evidence. This include use as strong laxative, skin care properties and treatment of abrasions and burns. Most herbal remedies worldwide are not subjected to scientific testing therefore some of the claims are not substantiated.

Aloe Vera market

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe vera are treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, treatment for diarrhea. Others are treatment of second degree burns, early burn relief. More are treatment of skin damage after radiation therapy, skin hydrating or beauty product.

It is said to protect from ultraviolet irritation, used as a possible antioxidant or possibly antimicrobial properties. In India there are studies of use in diabetes induced foot ulcers, treatment of constipation and teeth gum disease (Aloe based toothpaste).


  1. treatment of irritable bowel syndrome
  2. treatment for diarrhea
  3. treatment of second degree burns
  4. early burn relief
  5. treatment of skin damage after radiation therapy
  6. skin hydrating
  7. beauty product.
  8. protect from ultraviolet irritation
  9. used as a possible antioxidant
  10. possibly antimicrobial properties
  11. use in diabetes induced foot ulcers
  12. treatment of constipation
  13. teeth gum disease (Aloe based toothpaste)

Different Types of Aloe vera

As established earlier there are associated health benefits of Aloe vera. Native to North America there are over 250 species worldwide. The shrub is cultivated commercial for aloe gel for the beauty industry or laxative by herbal practitioners.

Aloe vera species

Species are 3 feet high yellow colored Van Balen’s Aloe, 30 – 60 feet high Aloe barberae (tree Aloe) and succulent evergreen Aloe aristata (torch plant).

Others are the 10 by 10 feet Aloe arborescens, brownish red Aloe speciosa ( tilt-head),1 by 2 feet Aloe dorotheae (sunset ), purple-brown tiped Aloe polyphylla (spiral).

More are Aloe maculate(soap Aloe) with Sword shaped leaves, robus succulent eye-catching Aloe broomii ( snake Aloe),Aloe cameronii (red Aloe).

We have the majestic succulent Aloe marlothii (Mountain Aloe),12 by 5 feet Malagasy tree Aloe, triangle leaves Golden Toothed Aloe(Aloe nobilis), fan Aloe, cape Aloe, Aloe barbadensis (Barbados Aloe) and Arabian Aloe.


  • Aloe x principis
  • Aloe Vera
  • Aloe ciliaris
  • Van Balen’s Aloe
  • Aloe barberae (tree Aloe)
  • Aloe aristata (torch plant)
  • Aloe arborescens
  • Aloe speciosa ( tilt-head)
  • Aloe dorotheae (sunset)
  • Aloe polyphylla (spiral)
  • Aloe maculate(soap Aloe)
  • Aloe broomii ( snake Aloe)
  • Aloe cameronii (red Aloe)
  • Aloe marlothii (Mountain Aloe)
  • Malagasy tree Aloe
  • Golden Toothed Aloe(Aloe nobilis}
  • fan Aloe
  • cape Aloe
  • Aloe barbadensis

Aloe Vera market

Global aloe vera market value is estimated at 500 million in 2019 with expected reach of 900 million in 4 years. Favored for its many therapeutic properties common applications are found in the beauty and pharmaceutical industry.

The prime resource of the shrub is the liquid whitish gel, latex properties and green leaves. Top producers are United States of America, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, china and Dominican Republic.

Market driver

Unsubstantiated studies are ongoing on numerous health benefits attributed to Aloe. They include protection from UV radiation, treatment for second degree burns, skin care lotions.

Others focus on antimicrobial properties, prevention of teeth and gum trouble. More are consume driven demand, lifestyle changes or health consciousness. Strong consumerism is the major driving force behind the demand for aloe based products.

Vera gel manufacturing plant

Vera gel manufacturing plants produce the gel for commercial industries. The gel is used to treat second degree burns and as a pain killer balm. The gel is widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals industry. The high demand drives the growth of the industry.

Aloe vera gel and powder

Aloe gel contains vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, sugars and hormones. The liquid gel has a transparent color or colorless and consists of mostly water.

Another major product from Vera is aloe vera powder. The powder is used to treat sunburn, skin irritation and inflamed skin. The gel is produced by freeze or spray drying aloe gel. Aloe power is added to bath tea formula, scrubs, facial mask, creams, and shampoos.

Vera gel manufacturing plant project

Things required for manufacturing plant are site selection and land. Others are purchase of machinery hire experienced labor. Financing is another major issue including market development.

Things to consider

  1. Land
  2. site development
  3. Equipment
  4. Machinery
  5. factory building
  6. experienced labor
  7. funding
  8. sourcing product
  9. marketing

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