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Best Feed for Catfish in Nigeria

People interested in catfish production need to find the best feed for faster growth. This is because the major expenditure is in the feeding. Feeding consumes from 70% to 80 % of total expenditure.

Best Feed for Catfish in Nigeria

What is the best food to feed catfish

The best food to feed catfish is extruded floating fish feed. The feed should be high in nutrients, and well formulated.

Catfish Facts

The Average Adult Size of a catfish is
2 to 50 inches long, depending on species with an Average Life Span of 1to 8 years depends on species. Mainly omnivore the Minimum Aquarium Size is10 gallons, depending on species with preferred Water Temperature of 72-82°F.


Catfish are omnivores so they eat both plant or animal life including grains. A balanced diet include live food, bloodworms, brine shrimp, flake food and both sinking or floating pellet feed.

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Health issues in catfish

Catfish although rugged have some health issue. Common health issues are fin rot, fungus related, or bacteria infection.

Equipment for catfish production

Equipment needed for a catfish pond are pond, water pump, water source like borehole fish net, bowl, and weighing scale.

Benefits of premium floating feed

There are many benefits of premium floating feed. Some are increased farm yield, high in protein, low nutrient discharge for longer storage. Other benefits are high conversation ratio, good return on investment.


  1. premium floating feed
  2. increased farm yield
  3. high in protein
  4. low nutrient discharge for longer storage
  5. high conversation ratio
  6. good return on investment

Best catfish food

How to know which feed is best depends on many factors like type of catfish, size and other factors. Catfish has become a good source of income for fish farmers like mysel despite being over 10 years is still at its infancy.

Apart from good starter stock, clean fresh water, feeding takes 80% of the investment. Therefore fish farmers should take proper care to buy best food for catfish.

Types of catfish feed available in the Nigerian market

Luckily there are many brands of catfish feed available in the market. Feed available in the market are either imported or locally produced. The best local or imported feed for catfish are the floating feed. However there is a choice of sinking feed locally produced by farmers.

Feed conversation ratio

Best feed have good feed conversion ratio therefore the fish eats less grows fast. Fast growth with less feed equals less expenditure and higher profits.

Best pellet feed

Best pellet feed for catfish are floating feed with high protein content. The higher the protein content in the food the better the growth.

Best catfish feed in Nigeria

Best catfish feed in Nigeria are Coppens, Aqualis Fish Food, Blue Crown, Vital Feed, Skretting, Chi

Pellet size

Pellet sized feed is fed to catfish at different stages of development. Small fingerling are fed 2mm sized fish feed while juvenile are fed 4mm. Young adult catfish are fed 6mm while adult catfish eat 8mm to 10mm feed.

Price of catfish feed

The price of catfish feed has had some dramatic increase in recent times. This is not unrelated to the fall-out of Covid and shortfall in grains. The standard size of bag of feed is 15kg regardless of the mm pellet size.
Price of 15 kg of Aqua feed and Coppens is N 9,500 while 15kg Eco Float N 7,800. (November 5 2021)

Blue Crown fish feed price in Nigeria

Bluecrown Extruded Fish Feed (2mm|3mm|4mm|6mm|9mm) – 15kg
₦7,999.00 – ₦9,605.00

Coppens fish feed price in Nigeria

FeedCoppens Feeds for Catfish Growers (6mm|15kg)

Eco float fish feed price in Nigeria

Ecofloat Extruded Catfish Feed (2mm – 9mm|15kg)
₦6,895.00 – ₦7,595.00

Vital fish feed price in Nigeria

Vital Feed (2mm|3mm|4mm|6mm|9mm) – 15kg
₦7,991.00 – ₦9,105.00

Hybrid Base 2 Catfish Feed price in Nigeria

Hybrid Base 2 Catfish Feed (3mm | 4mm | 6mm | 8mm | 15kg)
₦8,105.00 – ₦8,637.88

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