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Black Rice Cultivation

General characteristics of black rice – Oryza sativa is grouped into long/short grain or upland and low land rice. There are however different colored rice from black, pink, red, brown and white.

Almost all cultivated rice originate from extensive genetic research on wild rice. Black rice has a dark color is traced to an ancient Chinese cultivar. The dark color is attributed to high levels of anthocyanin an antioxidant.

When cooked it turns into dark purple and regarded as extremely healthy. It has nutty delicious flavor however cultivating the rice is moderately challenging.

Black Rice Cultivation

Verities of Black Rice

Black rice is highly glutinous and have different varieties. Verities include Chinese black rice, Indian black rice. More are Indonesia. Philippine balatinaw rice, Thai jasmine black, Bangladesh Kalo dhaner chaal.

  • Chinese black rice
  • Indian black rice
  • Indonesia black
  • Philippine balatinaw rice
  • Thai jasmine black
  • Bangladesh Kalo dhaner chaal.

Purchasing Seeds

Purchase black rice seed from research institutions in your country or online. Other sources are farmers market, other rice farmers in your locality.

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Climatic conditions

  • Regular wetting
  • Hardness zone is 3a through 9b
  • Full sun
  • Warm climate
  • Ph. 70F -80 F

Native Black Rice Cultivation Process

black rice farming

How to Germinate Black Rice

Black rice is a medium grain Chinese rice generally found in the wild. Highly nutritious its hardness zone is 3a through 9b. It requires adequate watering, full sun and warm climate. The first step is to cultivate them in nurseries before transplant to field.

Black Rice Seed

  1. Fill a container with water and soak rice seed for full day (24 hours) and remove bad floating rice seeds. This is because seeds that float are either infected or not viable and will not germinate.
  2. Next step strain water from container with a sieve and cover lid. Place covered container in warm climate with 70F -80 F for a full day (24 hours).
  3. The farmer needs to prepare the soil in preparation for transplanting to field. Till the soil, spread compost and remove weeds then plant rice seed just under soil and space10 inches apart.
  4. The wetted seed will flower after two days the plant in soil and apply cow dung. A seed will sprout after 1-2 weeks and produce about 15 panicles to produce about 150 gram seed. 150 gram seed will produce roughly 1600kg rice from 1 hector area.

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