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breed goldfish

The main challenge is how to breed goldfish at home. Bonus Article- Goldfish is the number one choice of aquarium fish because they are beautiful looking and easy to handle. The fish is varsity and has different species and variations which appeals to many of us.

Breeders have developed amazing hybrids of Goldfish including other types of fish. Goldfish are expensive and running a successful breeding program is expensive, time consuming and difficult.

But many breeders overtime have developed their own techniques with good results. The main difficulty in breeding Goldfish is patience, full attention to details and proper equipment.

How to Breed Goldfish

breed goldfishIdentify the female and male Goldfish

Male Goldfish-In order to breed Goldfish you need to identify the female and the male Goldfish.   The male Goldfish has visual cues such as pointy pectoral fins, hard rigid abdomens and concave vents that slice inwards.

You might also detect small white tubercles which are small lumps on the head fins and gills when ready to mate.

Female Goldfish-The female Goldfish has small opening or vents between the anal fin and anus. The fish has nicely rounded pectoral fins, softer abdomen and are roundish.  The female Goldfish is smaller in size compared to the male.

Both male and female Goldfish have vents used to release eggs or sperm.  The only way to tell the difference is the female vent is rounded and convex in shape while the male vent is concave.

Identifying the male and female should be done months before breeding because handling creates stress in the fish and you don’t want that.

How to breed Cory Fish

Prepare the fish tank

Clean the Goldfish and tank with 80 drops of formaldehyde, 6 drops copper Sulphate  and 1 tarramycin. Create a natural looking habitat by introducing sprawling fibers and artificial bush plants.

Goldfish spawn in the spring when there are favorable conditions so you need to simulate this condition to induce spawning. Introduce spawning mops for the eggs they also safeguard the eggs from cannibalism.

Feed them well

Spawning usually occurs in favorable conditions when there is bountiful food in nature. So the breeder should start a feeding program by giving them enough feed.

The  fish feed can consist of finely ground fish flakes, live black worms and brine shrimps. Feed them only what they can mange and don’t over feed because it might dirty the water.

Before starting the breeding program you can isolate the male and female Goldfish. Look for the larger male Goldfish that are very mobile and use them as breeders.

Place them in breeding tank

After you have prepared the breeding tank select three males and two females from your broad. Place them in the breeding tank and Simulate natural breeding conditions.

To simulate spawning in nature you need to drop the temperature of the water and then make it gradually warmer.  To replicate this condition you drop the temperature to 50 Fahrenheit then increase it by 3 Fahrenheit everyday.

You continue the process until the temperature reaches between 67f and 75f. A partial change in water during this process stimulates spawning so you can remove 18 percent of the water and refill daily.

The recycle process is an important part if you want to breed goldfish. While going through theses steps make sure you don’t stress the fish in any way because this will be counter productive.

The male Goldfish chase the female fish around the tank as the female release their eggs the male fertilizes them. When you eventually see the eggs in the plants you need to immediately remove the Goldfishes from the tank. The reason is that they will eat the eggs because most fish by nature have this annoying act.

Artificial insemination

If the natural breeding process fails you might want to do artificial insemination by selecting and egg filled female and gently squeezing the fish abdomen releasing the eggs. The same process is used to squeeze out the sperm from the male unto the eggs in a small tank.

Handle the fish with care because they are very delicate and bruise easy. Young Goldfish will hatch between 5 to 8 days and you have many small Goldfish swimming around. They need to remain in the same tank because any change can kill them.

Feed them well grounded feed identical to that fed to the parent fish but finely ground to accommodate their tiny mouths.

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