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Warning: This article contains words like meat and slaughter.

Broiler farm equipment

Broiler farm equipment are used in the raising or breeding of fast growing chicken. A broiler is any chicken bred specifically for meat production. Fast growing they attain slaughter weight from four to seven weeks of age, however slower breed attain slaughter weight by fourteen weeks.

broilers. Broiler farm equipment

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Broiler Industry

The Broiler market is a billion dollars industry for commercial production of chicken for consumption. There are two types of production within the broiler Industry. We have production of parent stock for breeding and production of birds for consumption. Top broiler producers are United States of America, Brazil, Europe, China. By 2020 over 24 billion broilers were produced for human consumption.

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Broiler chicken

Broiler are any chicken bred and raised for meat production, they are fast growing four to fourteen weeks and fed highly nutritious mesh. Distributed worldwide the skin is yellow, feathers white have rapid early growth from extensive profiling and selection. The bird is specifically bred for large commercial farming and rapid meat production.

Modern breeding methods for broiler

Ancient methods of broiler farming involved use of farm stock for meat production, however commercial pedigree broiler farming commenced in 1961.

By 1930s to 1960s pedigree breeding involved crossbred variety of chicken’s from female of a large boned , tall white Plymouth Rocks and male of a double-breasted Cornish bird.

Although moderately successful the new strain was plagued with slow growth and health related issues. Much later accurate colour sexing broiler breeds were achieved.

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Crossbred chickens

To achieve the white feather slaughter chickens used today for meat production, many breed strains were explored. Breeds selected in different crossbreeding programs were the Cornish, Bahamas, Jersey, and Black giant. Others include the Langshan, Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Broiler farm equipment for commercial large-scale farming

Broiler chicken cage for large scale production

Best Broiler farm equipment involves chicken cage for large scale production like the automatic bird-harvesting H type broiler raising cage. It has advanced features for automatic manure removal, drinking, feeding and broiler harvesting.

Advantages H type cage

  1. very hygienic
  2. automatic ventilation control,
  3. automatic feeding
  4. daily manure removal
  5. high quality material
  6. long lasting
  7. 3 times stocking density
  8. pull type soft pp flours
  9. automatic broiler harvesting

Advantages H type raised cage

Major advantages of H type broiler raised cage is very hygienic, automatic ventilation control, automatic feeding and manure removal.

Built from high quality material the cage is long lasting. This type of cage provides 3 times stocking density,pull type soft pp flours, automatic broiler harvesting , reduced ammonia levels from daily manure removal.

Broiler chicken production and management

Another broiler farm equipment is the vertical integrated system which is regarded as an effective method in broiler chicken production. It involves efficiency from hatchery to chick and feed supply. Common equipment in broiler farming are feeder, waterer, hatchery and brooder, housing, grow out equipment.

Common equipment

  1. feeder
  2. waterer
  3. hatchery
  4. brooder
  5. housing
  6. grow out equipment


A brooding house is built for the raising of chicks go human consumption. The house should have good ventilation system, temperature, air and moisture control. They are fitted with manure disposal methods, waterers and feeders. Popular house design is 40 feet wide with two rows of lightning fixtures.

list of broiler farm equipment

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