Sturgeon Farming: How to Start Sturgeon Caviar Farming

Sturgeon Caviar farming is challenging and capital intensive. It requires specialized equipment, licensing, certification and technical knowledge of the industry. Sturgeons have longevity, late-maturing and rugged. Traced over 280 million years this ancient fish have about 27 species of sturgeon.  They have elongated features are large with scales – less smooth bodies. A special adaptation […]

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commercial grape farm

Guide to Post-Harvest Technology for Fruit Production

Post-Harvest Technology: Haven achieved a bountiful yield farmers need to invest in solid pot-harvest technology. Technology is needed to facilitate best practices in quality preservation, picking, storage, transportation. Other reasons for proper investment in the technology is loss prevention, food security, avoidance of contamination, increased shelf-life. Groundnut cultivation Why Invest in Post-Harvest Technology achieved a […]

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100 Agriculture Business Ideas

Chicken Egg Hatchery A good venture to consider is egg hatchery business. Farmers need regular supply of day-old chicks for meat or egg production. Purchase quality hatchery equipment, network with farmers. Use effective marketing strategy and discounts to attract patronage. Vegetable Farming Vegetable farming is labor intensive, moderately challenging. Vegetables are highly perishable therefore locate […]

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How to Start Fruit and Vegetable Packhouse Business

An integrated pack house intending to export needs to follow guidelines for export. This include standardization, quality testing, and traceability to meet international standards. Packhouse processing includes safely handling the raw materials, holding and pre-inspection. Premium is placed on food safety, hygiene, quality, traceability. Others are sorting the produce, grading them, weighing, washing and standardized […]

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