How to Start Chicken Diaper Business

Chicken Diaper Business Chicken diaper seemed rather strange however chicken breeders have used them for many years. The diaper are functional fashion accessories placed at the posterior end of the chicken. The diaper accessory is used in both rural and urban areas with chicken population. They are perfect for chicken kept partial indoor to prevent […]

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gyr cattle

Gir Cow: Gyr Cattle Introduction Guide

Gir Cow Gir cow is a principal Zebu native milk cattle breed found in India. Native to Gir hill hills it is found in many regions of India. It is popular in district of Gujarat, Junagadh, Rajkot, Kathiawar and Bhavnagar. Other locations are  Surthi, Guajarati,Desan,Bhodali,Sorthi and Kathiawari. The hardy cattle is rugged, tough and tolerate […]

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Cost of Setting up a Dairy Farm in India

Cost of setting up a dairy farm The cost of setting up a dairy farm in India depends on the size. There are other considerations like learning dairy farming, feeding and setup costs. What are the one time investment, recurring cost, total project cost income. More are sourcing the Buffalo/cow, business registration, equipment and marketing. […]

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How to Preserve Snails for Export in Nigeria

Preserve snails for export Preserve snail for export is a highly lucrative business venture. Snails are in high demand, attract premium prices in local and international markets. They are good source of protein, very nutritious and easy to farm. However snail farming requires patience because it takes roughly a year to full adulthood. Snail Economic […]

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cheese farm

Cheese Business: How to Start a Cheese Farm

Cheese Farm: Making raw unpasteurized cheese is an art form that requires dedication, patience and knowledge of the craft. Then combine cheese making with running a small dairy farm the challenge quadruples. However there are many people who achieve a good synergy. There are two ways to start cheese making. The easier and straightforward way […]

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Digital Farming

Digital Farming: What is Digital Farming?

Digital Farming: The next big revolution in agriculture is digital farming. It empowers farmers while promising returns on investment. They strengthen food security while offering farm sponsorship for interested investors. An investor get a virtual farm provided by actual farmers who need capital to expand production. Commercial cricket farming What is Digital Agriculture? Digital agriculture […]

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crop insurance

Agricultural Insurance: Crop insurance scheme

Agricultural Insurance Crop insurance is a facility aimed at local farmers to protect against loss of produce. The scheme covers crop damage and loss from natural disasters. History of crop insurance in the USA is traced back 1938 congress. The US congress passed the federal crop insurance program with increased participation in 1980. The legislation […]

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Cold Chain

Cold Chain: Cold Chain for Agriculture

Cold chain is an integrated support system that reduce waste in fresh produce. According to studies 50% of fresh vegetables/fruits, 30% fish and 20%meat are lost from production to consumption. This is truer in African countries with challenges in cold chain system. The term implies the use of low temperature control to reduce rotting and […]

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