commercial grape farm

Guide to Post-Harvest Technology for Fruit Production

Post-Harvest Technology: Haven achieved a bountiful yield farmers need to invest in solid pot-harvest technology. Technology is needed to facilitate best practices in quality preservation, picking, storage, transportation. Other reasons for proper investment in the technology is loss prevention, food security, avoidance of contamination, increased shelf-life. Groundnut cultivation Why Invest in Post-Harvest Technology achieved a […]

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commercial rabbit farm

Rabbit Farming Business Plan in India

Rabbit farming business plan looks at the cost and benefit of rabbit production. Rabbit meat is fast gaining ground and an alternative to beef production. The cost benefits are high with low feed requirements, basic housing fast growth. A farmer earns extra income, high returns, low maintenance easy startup. Rabbit farming involves meat and wool […]

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100 Agriculture Business Ideas

Chicken Egg Hatchery A good venture to consider is egg hatchery business. Farmers need regular supply of day-old chicks for meat or egg production. Purchase quality hatchery equipment, network with farmers. Use effective marketing strategy and discounts to attract patronage. Vegetable Farming Vegetable farming is labor intensive, moderately challenging. Vegetables are highly perishable therefore locate […]

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gift basket

Guide to Starting Juice bar Business

Types of juice Fruit juice is classified into vegetable juice, alcoholic beverage, fruit and fruit drink. Others are branded fruit juice, fruit vinegar, carbonated fruit drink. Vegetable juice Fruit Fruit drink Branded fruit juice Fruit vinegar Carbonated fruit drink Alcoholic beverage Vegetable juice Vegetable based juice are Wheatgrass, tomato, watercress juice. Others are Tejuino, Spinach, […]

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How to Start Waste Wood Recycling Business

Waste recycling involves waste wood collection, sorting. The wood is repurposed, repaired or recycled and sold to end-users. Practitioners provide environmental service, including direct and indirect labor. Things to consider before starting the business is type of equipment, landed space, labor, utility truck, labor costs. First write a business plan and carry out a feasibility […]

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How to start Bread bakery Business

A bread bakery is established to primarily produce bread. The business is labor intensive and challenging. Difficulty includes stiff competition with established brands, startup finance, employing experience labor. Determine the type of bread you want to make. Focus on your target market preferences and popular brands in your area. Other products Most bakeries only produce […]

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