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Batuan fruit

Garcinia Morella is found in Sri Lanka, Philippines and India.  A member of the Clusiaceae family its common names are kannada, tamil, assamese and batuan. Used as a vegetable unripe it has a sour tasting fruit. Found in tropical areas the fruit is eaten ripe, rich in vitamin C and contains antioxidants.

Top Producers

The major producers of Batuan fruit are found in Asian Countries. Top producers are Philippines, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

  • Philippines
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam

Garcinia Varieties

There are over 200 species of Garcinia many native to Asia. They belong to the clusiaceae family and a forest tree.

The batuan fruit tree variety grows 12meters tall while others attain 25 meters. Common to Vietnam and Philippines the feature sour flavored seeds, ovate, oblong shaped leaves. The leaves are rounded, glossy, smooth cluster on pendulous branches.

cultivation of babaco

Garcinia Species

  • Garcinia hanburyi – Hanbury’s garcinia
  • Garcinia hendersoniana
  • Garcinia hermonii
  • Garcinia hessii – lemon saptree
  • Garcinia heterandra
  • Garcinia holttumii
  • Garcinia hombroniana – seashore mangosteen, pokok bruas (Malay)
  • Garcinia hopii H.Toyama & V.S.Dang, 2017 – Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, southern Vietnam
  • Garcinia humilis – achachairú, achacha
  • Garcinia imberti
  • Garcinia indica – wild mangosteen
  • Garcinia cadelliana
  • Garcinia cantleyana
  • Garcinia celebica L.: (syn.: Garcinia benthamii)
  • Garcinia cerasifer (H.Perrier) P.F.Stevens
  • Garcinia clusiaefolia
  • Garcinia costata
  • Garcinia cymosa (K.Schum.) I.M.Turner & P.F.Stevens
  • Garcinia decussata
  • Garcinia diversifolia
  • Garcinia dulcis – mundu, rata
  • Garcinia echinocarpa
  • Garcinia rubro-echinata
  • Garcinia schomburgkiana
  • Garcinia scortechinii
  • Garcinia semseii
  • Garcinia sessilis Seem. – heilala (Tongan), seilala (Samoan)
  • Garcinia spicata
  • Garcinia staudtii
  • Garcinia subelliptica Merr. – fukugi (Japanese)
  • Garcinia terpnophylla
  • Garcinia thwaitesii
  • Garcinia tinctoria
  • Garcinia acutifolia
  • Garcinia afzelii
  • Garcinia aristata
  • Garcinia atroviridis – asam gelugur (Indonesian), asam gelugor (Malaysian), asam keping (Malaysian)
  • Garcinia bifasciculata
  • Garcinia brassii
  • Garcinia brevipedicellata
  • Garcinia burkillii


The leaves are opposite, petiole, decussate and 1 cm long. The mature tree is at least 12m to 25m tall and has a dark brown color. The inflorescent flowers feature both male and female.

Health Benefits of Batuan Fruit.

It contains anti-inflammatory properties and used to treat inflammations in the body. Other uses involve reduction in hypertension, body irritation and fights free radicals. It is rich in vitamin C. it is eaten raw, dried, picked.

  • contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • used to treat inflammations in the body
  • Reduction in hypertension
  • Body irritation
  • fights free radicals
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • It is eaten raw
  • dried
  • picked

Uses of Batuan

Batuan is extremely when eaten raw acidic however the unripe fruit used as vegetable. It is boiled, dried in the sun or cooked. It is used in traditional medicine to treat dysentery and inflammatory problems. It is used to heal irritation on skin or lower blood pressure.

how to grow bacupari


  • treat dysentery
  • Inflammatory problems
  • used to heal irritation skin
  • Lower blood pressure

Harvesting and Cultivation of Batuan

The tree is an evergreen forest tree widely spread in Asian.

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