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Growing and Harvesting Squash

Here are some interesting facts about winter squash. Winter squash are fully matured fruits with orange or yellow fruits. Similar to pumpkins they belong to genus Cucurbita. They are different from summer squash which are immature fruits.
Types of Winter Squash
There are many types of winter squash both wild and domesticated. this type are best suited for cool climates with moderate rainfall and regular sun. Popular types are kabocha, butternuts and hubbards. They are perfect for home gardens or commercial production.
• Kabocha
• Butternuts
• hubbards

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The fruit is edible and seeds loaded with protein, blend of oils. It is a good source of vitamin A, fiber and essential minerals. You get potassium, B complex vitamins and vitamin C.
Health benefits include boost immune functions and blood sugar levels. It has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and carbohydrates. Common uses include steaming, pureed or baking. It can be made into smoothies, pies, winter salad or muffins.

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Uses of Winter Squash
• Every part is edible except roots
• Steamed
• Eaten raw
• Baked
• Made into pie
• Stewed
• Pureed
• Made into smoothie
Health Benefits
• Boost immune functions
• High Blood sugar levels
• Antioxidants
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Carbohydrates
They have short shelf life however proper storage would prolong the fruit. Store in dry cool place at temperature of 55 degrees. Make sure it is properly cured and devoid of cuts and injury. You can store in fridge or freezer for a few days.

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