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A Complete List of Different Types of Tomatoes


Tomatoes are edible fruits used in many dishes. They are eaten raw, cooked, boiled, grilled or fried. Commercial applications include canning, saucing made into powder or paste. The versatile fruit has a huge variety based on geographical location and climatic conditions.
There are also hybrids with different characteristics. Some are large sweet and juicy while others are small and firm. Color variants include red, yellow, green and black. Here is a complete list of different types of tomatoes.
Types of Tomatoes
Tomatoes add delicious flavor to many dishes and there are countless verities. They are ideal for roasting, sautéing, frying, grilling.
Favored for its nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants the fruit is the main ingredient in stews. Here are different types of tomatoes, characteristics and flavors. The list include Heirloom, Tomatoes on the Vine, Roma, Cocktail, Beefsteak and grape tomato.
List of Tomatoes
1. Heirloom
2. Tomatoes on the Vine
3. Roma
4. Cocktail
5. Beefsteak
6. Grape tomato

Tomato seed varity in India

Tomato Varieties
Heirloom tomatoes: have a sweet, juicy and earthy taste. Characteristics include a variety of colors, textures. It has a deep red color, meaty and firm structure. They are sometimes referred to as salad tomatoes.
Perfect for sandwiches and ideal for saucing. Different varities are Pantano Romanesco, Green Zebra,Costoluto Genovese, Green Zebra. Others are Sweet Clusters, Enchantment, Carmello, Valencia,Early Girl, Stupice.
Heirloom Tomatoes Varieties
• Pantano Romanesco
• Green Zebra
• Costoluto Genovese
• Green Zebra
• Sweet Clusters
• Enchantment
• Carmello
• Valencia
• Early Girl
• Stupice
Tomatoes on the Vine: This unique fruit is very sweet, juicy with a delicious fresh taste. It is firm has lots of moisture with thick walls.
Cocktail tomato: has an herbaceous aroma is meaty with few seeds and a soft structure. The taste is fruity, juicy and a favorite traditional choice.
Roma Tomato: is full of flavor, well balanced with a garden fresh taste. The characteristics include dense structure, firm, few seeds and meaty.
Cherry tomatoes: are very popular in many countries. They are full of flavor, sweet, crisps and juicy. They are small in size, snappy and tender.
Beefsteak Tomatoes
Green Beefsteak: the main characteristic is the green color. It is a large size fruit with a meaty structure, crunchy taste and highly versatile. Red Beefsteak: are full of flavor, juice with a balanced traditional taste. It has a vibrant color, firm, meaty and large.
They are heavy, big and thick with a meaty structure and weigh 0.5kg. Different types of beefsteak are big beef, Cherokee purple, Brandywine pink. Others are hillbilly, Caspian pink, mortgage lifter and black krim.
Beefsteak Varieties
• Red Beefsteak
• Green Beefsteak
• Big beef
• Cherokee purple
• Brandywine pink
• Hillbilly
• Caspian pink
• mortgage lifter
• Black krim.
Grape and Cherry Tomatoes
Grape tomato: has a grape shape is very crunchy, meaty and crisp. The flavor is juicy with a sweet rich taste. Grape, Cherry are smallish in size, idea for small gardens and greenhouses.
They are disease resistant, grow in large cluster and sweet. Different types are Sweet 100, Black Cheery, Sungold, and Sunrise Bumble Bee.
• Grape tomato
• Cherry tomato
• Sweet 100 tomato
• Black Cherry tomato
• Sungold tomato
• Sunrise tomato
• Bumble Bee tomato
Pests, Diseases, Deficiencies
Leaves in any plant dies in a natural process on maturity, lack of sun or for others to grow. Yellow leaves could indicate pest attack, disease, over watering or nitrogen deficiency. Lack of water or excess water is a common cause of this problem. This is due to excessive moisture or root rot.
Other reasons include fugal, bacteria or viral infection. Common infections are septoria leaf spots, virticillium wilt, bacteria wilt and early blight. Poorly aerated soil that is compacted is another cause of yellow leaves.
Pests are mealy bug, ladybug and aphids. Nutritional deficiency causes alkaline shortage, lack of nitrogen and poor absorption of soil water. Other mineral deficiencies are lack of magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc or sulphur.
If the leaves turn brown it is indicative of a fungi attack. Other unhealthy colors you might encounter are pale yellow, grey.
Causes of Yellow Leaves in Tomatoes
• Lack of Sunlight
• Aging Leaves
• Pest attack
• Disease
• Over watering
• Nitrogen deficiency
• Lack of water
• Mineral deficiency
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