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Corn Beef Production: Corn Beef Production Business

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Corn Beef Production

Corn beef production involves treatment of meat with large-grained rock salt, sugar, spice. This treatment produces the delicious salt-cured brisket of beef known as corned beef. It is a staple in many culinary applications added to many recipes, fried or eaten raw.

Types of Corned Beef

In Philippines corned beef is made from shredded buffalo meat however in United States of America there are two types of corned beef. We have the pickled or cured beef seasoned in brine or cut beef briskets.

Nutrition/Ingredients in Corned beef Production

Nutritional facts in serving size 2oz (56g) is calories 150 fat calories 110. Cholesterol 36mg (12%) sodium 300mg (12%), saturated fat 5g (26%).

More are total fat content 11g (18%) protein 11g. There is zero fiber, sugar, total carb with 6% iron.  Corned beef has no significant source of trans fat, vitamin A, vitamin C or calcium. Main ingredient in corned beef is soused meat, salt, spices.

Corned beef Production

Nutritional facts in serving size 2oz (56g)

  • Calories 150
  • Fat calories 110
  • Cholesterol 36mg (12%)
  • Sodium 300mg (12%)
  • Saturated fat 5g (26%).
  • Total fat content 11g (18%)
  • Protein 11g

Main ingredient

  • soused beef
  • salt
  • with or without nitrates
  • spices


Locate the meat processing company close to abattoir or commercial area. Make sure the factory has adequate utilities, good road network appropriate work areas.


The business is capital intensive and requires huge funding. Secure funds through trade or commercial banks and make sure the loans are long term low interest.


Register a business name and incorporate a limited liability company. Secure a tax identification number, food and drug identification number.

The factor must pass a government supervised health, inspection test and certification. Food processing companies are mandated to undergo medical health test for hepatitis and other ailments.


Labor requirements depend on number of production equipment, factory capacity. Hire machine operator, store manager, company manager, sales staff, company accountant, location driver.

Corned Beef Processing

Corned beef processing starts with deboned fresh or frozen beef. Then unfreeze keep soused to retain nutrients. Next stage is the sorting then removal of impurities or remainder hair.

Then it goes to cutting station while beef is cut into long slices 5cm wide and 3cm thick. The beef is then soused before application of vacuum packing. It goes through retort cooking under sterilized condition at 121C degrees centigrade pressure.

Corn Beef Processing

  1. Frozen beef/Deboned fresh beef
  2. Unfreeze (avoid nutrient loss)
  3. Sorting(removal impurities, remainder hair)
  4. Cutting
  5. Sousing
  6. Packing(Vacuum packing)
  7. Resort cooking

Corned Beef Processing Flow Chart

Frozen beef/Deboned fresh beef – Unfreeze (avoid nutrient loss) – Sorting (removal impurities, remainder hair) – Cutting –Soused –Packing (Vacuum packing) –Resort cooking.

Corned Beef Processing Equipment

Although there are fully automated corned beef processing equipment most common ones are semi-automated. Equipment are the unfreezing tanks, stainless steel sorting table.

The most important equipment is the frozen meat cutting machine then vacuum tumbler, vacuum packing machine and retort sterilizer.

Sausage Production


  • unfreezing tanks
  • stainless steel sorting table
  • frozen meat cutting machine
  • vacuum tumbler
  • vacuum packing machine
  • double tank water bath sterilizer

Unfreezing Tanks

The first equipment used is the unfreezing tank. Basic unfreeze tank loading 100kg average Dimensions 860 x 1660x1120mm, thickness 2mm construct material SUS304. The unfreezing process is natural and simply a tank full of water in which the beef is immersed.

Sorting table

Sorting table is made from stainless steel 304. Make sure the sorting table is loads 100kg solid high strength flats. The stainless steel table is customized flat wear-tear resistant, clean and hygienic. They are high- temperature resistant, average size 1400x1500x780mm, thickness 15mm.

Cutting machine

Frozen beef cutting machine is semi-automated used to cut block eat to smaller sizes. Recommended speed 24/per minute, bade gap 100-200mm. tunnel width 550mm blade journey 200mm. Others are capacity 2-5 tons, power 75kw dimensions 1470x800x1500mm.

Vacuum Tumbler

Vacuum tumbler works by impact rolling in a cylindrical bowl. It is soused, flavoring added or pickled which is absorbs by the meat. This loosens, marinates, salted increasing meat quality and taste. Small/medium production capacity is 800L capacity 400kg/batch weight 500kg power 225kg.

Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum packing is used to remove air, prolong shelf life and seal the beef. Some resort to canned packaging in sterilized containment. Camber size of vacuum packaging is 700x610x130mm speed 120-180 bags an hour.

Retort Sterilizer

After packing retort sterilizer uses high pressure temperature hot water and cooked food. The treatment effectively prolongs food quality, shelf life, storage better transportation. Invest in a double tank water bath sterilizer tank length 5500mm height 3600mm tank length 4000mm temperature 145C.


There is a huge market for corned beef worldwide. Marketing considerations include branding, good quality product, advertisement. Advertise on radio, television, social media, ecommerce websites, and print media.

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