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Cost of cattle farming

The cost of cattle farming in Nigeria depends on many factors. Things to consider in cost planing is cost of calf, land, farmhouse or barn. Other cost consideration are cost of feeding, water, labor, fencing, medicine.

Things to consider in cattle farming

  1. Cost of calf
  2. Land, farmhouse or barn
  3. Cost of feeding
  4. Water
  5. Labor
  6. Fencing
  7. Medicine
Cost of cattle farming
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Cattle Fencing

The cattle farm needs some femcing, agricultural fencing is made from different materials like panels of galvanized wire. A fence primarily is to keep farm animals in an area.

The size of the fence depends on the countries law on height or material for the perimeter fencing. Most fencing are about 4 feet heigh with a strip of farrow land for native plants.

Different types of fencing material for livestock are barbed wire, smooth wire, High tensile wire, Woven and mesh wire, Chain link, Electric fence, Synthetic fence, Wood, pipe and other materials.

What do cattle panels cost?

Most livestock panels are 16′ long and 50” wide and costs about N 10,000 naira.

OK Brand 10 Line Cattle Panel 16 ft. L x 50 in. H is a fenced wire panel made from galvanized wire

What sizes do cattle panels come in?

Cattle panels range between 8′ and 16′ wide and 50 inches tall

What are cattle slats

Cattle slats are used for livestock loading and made from high strength reinforced concrete. They are purposefully built to withstand demands with livestock management
like loading cattle.

Cattle slats are applicable to Cellars,
Channels and Dairy farming. Features of a good slat is hard-wearing non-slip surface gang slats that is perfect for pig, sheep and cattle.

Make sure you construct or purchase a multi-purpose slats.

Features of a good slat

Features of a good slat is axle bearing load of minimum 4.5 tonnes with edges designed to prevent injury to cattle. It should be tampered or with smooth side to allow easy access to slurry tank.

Make sure it has good space for the cattle, it’s easy to remove effluence tank or slurry and it’s one man operated.

How much weight can cattle slats hold?

A tractor slats axle can hold max 7.8 tonnes.

Cattle housing

Livestock shelter is necessary in cattle farming. Housing should be multipurpose single building with clear- span roofing. It can have a storage area for feed and equipment.

Cattle housing is ether a barn or loose housing system. The barn system is restrictive and involves keeping the animal for feeding, milking or resting while the loose housing system allows the animal wander around freely both in or out.

How much does it cost to start cattle farming?

The big question is how much does it cost to start cattle farming? We will take everything into consideration, however this estimate is for semi-intensive culture and not free-range farming.

Landed property

In Nigeria the cost of landed property for farming purpose is cheaper than regular land. You need either a designated farmland or a multi- purpose land. An average farmland in a rural area for purchase is about N2 million naira per plot. If you are planning to keep 10 startup cattle this will do.

Perimeter fencing

Next is the perimeter fencing to keep the cattle safe in one area. If you are in an urban area you need to errect block fencing, if in rural area wired fence will work. Building a 4 feet fence on a plot should cost about N500,000 to N1 million depending on the material.

Cattle housing

In cattle house you have the barn or loose housing system. A barn consists of wood, block and other building materials. An open plan housing for 10 cattle at the back of a plot will set you back N 3 million naira.

Cost of cattle

A young cattle (calf) or cow will cost N200,000 (February 2022) Therefore 10 young cattle is N2 million naira.

Feeding cost of cattle

How much does it cost to feed 1 cow per day?

It costs N700 NGN to feed 1 cow per day, therefore it will cost N7,000 NGN to feed 10 cows per day.

If free-range farming you need 1.5 to 2 acres to feed a cow-calf pair for 12 months.

Water for cattle

If your land has a natural steam then this will reduce your water requirements. To supply water to the herd you need to build a borehole or well, then channel water for their daily need.

A well with plumbing, and pumping machine will cost about N200,000. The cost of constructing a borehole depends on soil type, topography and many factors.


Medication for 1 cattle from calf to full maturity is from N40,000, therefore medication for 10 cattle is from N 400,000


Labor requirements are herding the cattle, treatment, feeding, security and water.


Cattle farming is capital intensive and profitable It takes several years to build a herd of cows. Before you start make sure you have a business plan, carryout a feasibility study.

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