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Cost of starting a pig farm

This cost analysis of starting a pig farm in Nigeria will be beneficial to new investors in pork production, the report covers prices in 2022.

How much to start a pig farm in Nigeria?

Expenses on pig farming are cost of land, pig house, pig farming equipment, medication and feeding.

Cost of starting a pig farm


Acquiring a land is capital intensive, however farm lands in remote areas or agricultural settlements are cheaper. The land should be stand alone and perfect for pig farming.

There are different types of pig farming styles that affect overall cost of production. Pig farming styles include free range pig farming, free farmed pig raising, stall free pig farming, outdoor bred pig, indoor intensive pig housing,

Cost Analysis for Starting Pig Farm

First thing needed to start the pig farm is land. The cost of land in rural area is from N200,000 to N 400,000.

Mix- use land per plot 2022

Ibeju ₦1,000,000

Moniya, Ibadan, Oyo

Isawo, Ikorodu, Lagos

Karshi, Apo, Abuja

Ijebu Ode, Ogun

Odeda, Ogun

Pig Housing

The cost of pig housing depends on the type of pig farming either intensive or free-range. Regardless of the type of farming it is Important to build a pig house.

The size of the pig house depends on the number of piglets in the farm.
Pork meat markets in Nigeria

Sow Gestation Bed Galvanized Pig Farrowing Crates Pen Pig Flooring Stall Farrowing Bed Sow cost
N 28,000 per crate.

Piglet cage
N 56,000 per cage

Piglet nursery crate pig nursery pen pig house for sale
NGN 208,132.60 – 10 Sets
NGN 187,319.34 – 50-99 Sets

Cost of piglets in Nigeria

Two months old pig is sold from N10,000 depending on breed of pig. A well fed pig will reach 60 to 80 kg in 8 months.

Price of piglets

Landrace Piglets (16 Weeks)
₦ 50,000
Abuja, Wuse 2

Piglet Available For Sale
₦ 10,000

Pig Weaners
₦ 20,000
Lagos, Ikorodu

Weaner(Piglets) Gilts, Boers Available For Sale
₦ 15,000
Oyo, Ibadan

Cost of feeding pig

How much is pig feed in Nigeria?

The cost of feeding 1 pig from when it stops drinking milk to full maturity is N5,000, therefore it will cost Ñ100, 000 naira to feed 20 pigs to full maturity.

Vaccination of pig

Pigs are vaccinated by qualified veterinarians from many disease or health related problems. Common diseases are Exudative dermatitis (greasy pig), Coccidiosis, Respiratory diseases, Swine dysentery, Mastitis and Porcine parvovirus.

Farm security

Provide security for the animals from predators or theft. Provide human guards, trained guard dogs and perimeter fencing.

How profitable is the business

Pig farming is very profitable venture, a farmer will make good money depending on the stock and market prices.

Where to buy pork meat in Nigeria?

It is easy to buy pork meat because it is popular in the market or supermarket. Online order the meat from 24hoursmarket, Jiji, A&S Butchers.

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