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Current Price of Onions in Nigeria Today

Current price of onions in Nigeria today depends on the season, market place or closeness to farms. Onions have good nutritional value, they are low in calories high in vitamins and minerals.

They come in large, medium or small size, however medium sized ones contains 44 calories. The vegetable aid collagen production, repair tissue has antioxidant and regulate immune system.

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onion farm
onion farm

Where to buy onions in bulk in Nigeria.

Top producers of onion are found in the northern region of Nigeria. The markets are close to the farm so the prices in the north are cheaper than those in the south.


Top states

Top states in Nigeria that produce onions are Kano, Sokoto, Jos and Kaduna. Other large markets are Bodija market in Ibadan, Gombe main market and Nkwo market Enugu

Types of onions

  1. red onion
  2. white onion
  3. spring onion
  4. scallions
  5. yellow onions

Varieties of onion

There are different varieties of onion worldwide, some are Dark Red onions, Brunswick Onions, Flamenco, Red Onions. More are Red Beauty, Mars Red, Spring, Red Wing and Red Burgermaster Onions. Others include Red Creole, White onions, Red Italian Onions.

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Types of onions in Nigeria

There are different types of onions in the Nigeria market, however the most popular one is the red variety. Others are white onion, spring onion scallions, and yellow onions.

Spring Onions

Spring Onions are harvested early, they are basically young onions. Also called scallions or green onion the vegetable is closely related to chive, leek and shallot. Spring Onions lacks fully developed bulb has hollow tubular green leaves.

Red onions

Red onions are the most common type eaten in Nigeria. They are used in soups or stews, vegetable dishes, salads. They are spicy with purplish red skin, with whitish flesh. You can Keep them from 1 to 2 months under refrigeration or 3 days without.

Scallions and yellow onions

Scallions are spring onions with a mild onion taste while Yellow onions have a unique sweetness and distinct flavor.

White onions

White onions have a sweet crispy taste and have a distinct flavor are lighter than sweet onions and perfect for salads.

Onion price in Nigeria

Current price of 50 kg of onions in Plateau state is N 14, 000 to N17,000 naira while basket of onions is N1,800..
A bag of onions in Kaduna sells for

Price per 50 kg, 10kg, 5kg bag

  1. 50kg of Bag of Onions
    ₦ 17,000
    Plateau, Barkin Ladi
  2. Fresh Onions 100 Kg Sack
  3. Basket of Onions
    ₦ 1,800
    Abuja, Wuse 2
  4. Onion (1kg) -N800
    Onions(5kg) – N3200
    Onions (10kg) – N7500

How to start wholesale onion business

If you are interested in starting wholesale onion business you first need capital. The next step is to find a farm or farmers market.

Best way to make profit is buy from onion producing states and sell in densely populated cities like Lagos or Abuja.

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