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Duck Farm Business Plan

Poultry and duck farming are related however the techniques, equipment and feeding requirements differ. Poultry relates to chicken, turkey, duck and quail. Duck farm business plan includes population control, duck shelter, equipment, feed, disease control.

Farming duck involves meat production or egg production based on the farmer’s requirements. The produce meat/eggs are in high demand and attract premium rate in meat shops and open market.

The main advantage of this type of farming is disease resistance of the birds, low maintenance and feed rate. However difficulties include predation, low birth rate, and long growth period, sourcing young ducks.

duck house
duck house

Duck farm management

Pen management includes regular cleaning, provision of adequate water, avoidance of wet floor. Others are avoidance of mold growth in feed, adequate space, efficient feeding first month. Try to prevent duckling by providing shallow vessels for wadding.

Farm Management

  • Pen management includes regular cleaning
  • provision of adequate water
  • avoidance of wet floor
  • prevention of mold growth in feed
  • provision of adequate space
  • regular feeding first month
  • provide shallow vessels for ducklings

Duck shelter

Duck housing requirement include built shelter with cross ventilation. Build the shelter in dry high ground with surrounding watery areas.

The shelter should have exit entry points. 5 inches depth litter is adequate to encourage duck lay. Provide secure fencing to prevent predators or loss of birds. Use cement for housing floor, provide 3 square feet flour area.

Duck Farming Shelter

  • built shelter with cross ventilation
  • Build shelter dry high ground with surrounding watery areas
  • shelter should have exit entry points
  • add 5 inches depth litter
  • Provide secure fencing
  • Use cement for housing floor
  • Provide 3 square feet flour area


Although the birds are disease resistant they are susceptible to poisonous plants. Common duck diseases are castor bean poisoning, avian cholera, duck plague.

Others are colibacillosis, botulism, riemerella anti pestiferous infection. More include Rapeseed mealaspergillosis, duck virus hepatitis.

  • castor bean poisoning
  • avian cholera
  • rapeseed meal
  • duck plague
  • colibacillosis
  • botulism
  • riemerella anti pestiferous infection
  • aspergillosis
  • duck virus hepatitis

Duck Farm Business Plan

Business Startup

Commercial requirements involve business registration, tax identification number. Others are property lease, staff, stocking, feeding and marketing.

Register the business

Register the business as an enterprise, one man business or limited liability company.

Acquire landed property

Purchase or lease land according to your business template

Hire staff

Very few staff are needed for a small hold farm. However for a large farm you need farm hands, driver, storekeeper, farm manager.

Purchase stock

Purchase stock from reputable farmers in your area. Feeding requirements in not as intensive as chicken farming. Feed them factory made concentrates, chicken feed or live feed.

How to Start a Commercial Duck Farm


In some regions duck meat attracts premium price. Make sure the price is commensurate with those in your locality. Sell directly to customers or meat sellers, market women, supermarkets, grocery stores.

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