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Catfish farming

Catfish farming is the rearing of fish domestically for the open market or private consumption. The fish is a delicacy in many parts and attracts a high premium price in the open market. There are a few things to consider before starting this good money making venture.

Catfish are durable tough, breath atmospheric air for short periods and grow fast under favorable conditions. They live in fresh water and can be successfully farmed at home.

Farming consideration

Starting a catfish farm requires landed space, a good holding tank, adequate water and other specialized equipment to be successful. In the wild they live in shallow ponds, rivers and natural estuaries. The ponds most be constructed in such a way that they are durable, long-lasting and can retain water.

Fish stock

Sourcing your fish is very important because if a breeder interbreeds his stock regularly the outcome would be lower quality fish. So choosing the right fish farm to get your starter fish fingerlings is very important, especially if you are farming with a view to make profit.

Feeding the fish The kind of fish feed can make or break a fish farm this is because fish feeds defer in quality and content, high quality fish feed will grow your fish to table size in a very short period of time. Bad fish concentrates will do the opposite and taking stock of how much you spend on fish feed is important.

Catfish can be successfully grown in very small spaces if you know how and have the technical skill, growing them at your backyard is a piece of cake.

stages of development of catfish


There are other important things to consider when starting a fish farm such as weighing equipment, medication, feed processor if you want to make your own feed. Getting a list of equipment that would help you attain fast growth for your fish should not be overlooked.

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