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Arapawa Pig

This rare pig has a commemorative stamp issued by the New Zealand Post to commemorate the Chinese year of the pig. The Arapawa pig is a descendant of wild pigs domesticated by individuals.
The animal is nonnative and introduced to pig farming. The pig is a derivative or descendant of black stock and oxford sandy introduced to New Zealand in 1773-1777. Predominantly found on Arapaoa Island it has been successfully bred in other regions.

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Identify Arapawa Pig

The pig is non-aggressive, hairy with a pronounced mane. They feature short tails, short noses and larger than Auckland Island pigs. You find black patches, sandy tan coloration, small snouts and prickled ears.
The sows generally weigh 90kg while the boars weigh 170kg. The animal’s skin is hard, thick and face long. The minority breed is rare and many have reverted to feral state.

Arapawa Pig Breed
Arapawa Pig Breed
Characteristics Arapawa Pig

• non-aggressive
• Hairy with a pronounced mane
• Short tails
• Larger than Auckland Island pigs
• Black patches on skin
• Sandy tan coloration
• Small snouts
• Prickled ears
• Sows weigh 90kg
• Boars weigh 170kg
• Skin is hard, thick and face long

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