Feed Channel Catfish for Optimum Growth


channel catfishThe fish thrive when the farmer develops a feeding program and routine.  The type of feed and nutritional value is also important or maximum yield.

Other factors that affect the growth rate of channel catfish is feed composition, floating or sinking feed and fast growing stock. To get more out of your channel catfish you need to start a feeding program

Why feed channel catfish

1                     Feeding channel catfish guaranties a faster harvest and healthier yield. The amount of time the fish needs to reach huge sizes in the wild is halved with intense feeding

2                     Fish food manufacturers have improved on the fish feed concentrate providing high quality floating feed for fish farmers

3                     Catfish farming has steadily gained popularity and the old ways of stocking your lake and allowing the fish feed naturally is in the past.

4                     Paying tourists enjoy looking at channel catfish feed

5                     Feeding allows the fish farmer stock more catfish than when left to feed naturally.

6                     Channel catfish have a good feed conversion ratio.

Best feeding method for channel catfish

How to feed your Channel Catfish

Channel catfish thrive best in natural environments like artificial lakes, cordoned rivers and estuaries. To get maximum growth form your catfish, feed them well composed floating feed.

Avoid non floating feed like a plague because they are probably lacking in certain nutrients. The fish farmer can feed the fish once a day either early in the morning or before nightfall.

Point feeding

Adopt the point feeding technique to get maximum yield. Feed them at the same time everyday and concentrate the feed in a certain area.

The reason is the fish associate the location and time to bountiful food. They converge on that area and frenzied feed which is good for the fish farmer.

The advantages of point feeding them at the same time and location are faster growing stock.

Amount of feed

The amount of feed depends on the number of fish you stock. Proper feed has to do with number of fish and weight to feed ratio.

It is almost impossible to determine the weight of your entire stock so feed them in bits till they are full. When feeding channel catfish point feed and observe their interactions, continue the process till they stop feeding.

After two days of following this feeding routine you will be able to determine the quantity of feed that they need. Once you have determined the actual quantity, feed them the measured amount.

After two and a half weeks start the process again to determine the new feeding ratio.

Feeding, Stress and disease

While feeding them any change in their feeding habit might be pointers to stress or diseases. Catfish get stress when harvested or a lengthy water change.

While feeding the fish avoid over feeding because this is dangerous and can cause water toxicity. Use floating feed that has about 28 percent protein content.

Domestic and livestock formulated feed are not good for you fish. The optimum temperature for grow out is 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and lower temperature of 65 degrees affect their feeding.

They eat less at lower temperature and are sluggish and grow slowly. High protein sinking feed are only appropriate in winter conditions and they prevent weight loss and disease.

Feeding your channel catfish

1                     Don’t over feed

2                     Feed them at lest six days a week

3                     Use floating fish feed

4                     Feed your catfish in the same place and location

5                     Remember that temperature affects the feeding rate of the fish

6                     Feed allowance based on percentage of total weight of fish in the pond

7                     Feed your fish measured amounts

8                     In winter feed them high protein sinking feed.

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