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Fish Feed Price in Nigeria 2022

Catfish feed feed price in Nigeria has seen a steady rise in price from late November 2021 to early February 2022. This is attributed to rapid increase in the dollar to the naira in 2021.

Most fish feed sold in Nigeria are imported, however there are a few brands made in Nigeria. Here is a list of fish feed and fish feed price in Nigeria 2022.

Types of fish feed sold in Nigeria

There are many brands of fish feed sold in Nigeria. Popular brands are Coppens, Skretting Feeds, Aller Aqua, Aqualis, Blue Crown, Top Feeds, Vital Feeds, Eco Float, Omega and Aqua Boom.

Brands of fish feed in Nigeria

  1. Aqua Boom
  2. Coppens
  3. Skretting Feed
  4. Top Feeds
  5. Omega
  6. Vital Feeds
  7. Blue Crown
  8. Aller Aqua
  9. Aqualis
  10. Altech Coppens

What kind of fish feed is sold in Nigeria

The type of fish feed sold in Nigeria is extruded fish feed. The feed is pelletized, fully floating, made from latest extrusion technology. Most fish feed bags come in 15 kg and either imported or re-bagged.

The fish feed comes in pellet form and in different grain sizes. Pellet grain sizes start from 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information depends on the brand, however common ingredients are crude fiber, sodium, phosphorus, calcium. Others are ash, fat, crude protein.


  1. crude fiber
  2. sodium
  3. phosphorus
  4. calcium
  5. ash
  6. fat
  7. crude
  8. protein

How much does a bag of catfish feed cost in Nigeria?

Coppens Fish Feed 2022
₦ 10,100

0.2mm costs N9800 NGN
0.3mm costs N9800 NGN
0.8mm costs N9800 NGN
1.2mm costs N9800 NGN
1.5mm at N8500
2mm 45% at N15,800
2mm 42% at N14,800

Aqualis Fish Feed
₦ 10,800
2m – N10,300 NGN
3m – N10,000 NGN

Bluecrown Fish Feed
2mm – 4mm ₦ 8,100

Skretting Fish Feed
₦ 6,800
2mm costs N10,400
3mm costs N10,200
0.7mm costs N7900
1mm costs N7,700
1.8mm costs N7000

How to determine quantity of feed from stocking to harvesting

Now you know the price of fish feed in Nigeria, however how do you determine the quantity of feed you need from stocking to harvesting.

Things to know

The first thing to know is the cost of stocking the pond, cost of feeding, and how much to sell the fish.

Cost of stocking 1500

The cost of stocking 1500 depends on the size and price of starter stock. It is advisable to stock juveniles. The cost of juveniles is from N25 to N 30. Therefore if you purchase 1500 catfish at N30 it comes to 1500 x 30 = 45000

Price of 500g / 1kg catfish

Farmers sell their catfish per kg, either as full size adults 1kg or young adults 500g to 600g. 1kg catfish is sold at N1000 to N1200 (January 2022). Therefore 1500 catfish each weighing 1kg is sold for (1500 x 1000 = 1,500,000 ) 1.5 million naira.

If you opt to sell those that are 500g to 600g then they are sold at N650 to N700 naira. Therefore 1500 catfish each weighing 500g is sold at N650 ( 1500 x 650 = 9,750,000)

Cost of feeding 1500 catfish
It costs roughly about 1kg feed to get 1kg sized fish, therefore 500g catfish requires 500g feed.

The current price of 15 kg bag of catfish is N10,000, therefore to feed 1500 catfish you need 10 bags that is (10 bags @ 15kg =1500kg feed). So N10,000 each bag x 10 bags = N100,000 naira.

Now given the different variables we are able to estimate our profit margin. Cost of stocking 1500 catfish at N30 is N45,000. Now add cost of feeding 1500 catfish to 1kg = N100,000. Now add N45000 +N 100,00 = N145,000.

Finally subtract N1,500,000 ( 1kg @ N1000 for sale of 1500 fish) from N145,000, profit is N1,355,000.

What to expect

The scenario highlighted is that of a perfect condition that involves fast growing shooter juveniles, high quality feed like Coppens, good source of water. Most fish farmers will use from 15 to 20 bags on average

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