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Garden Structure ideas:

There are tons of garden structure ideas for professional and amateur gardeners. The type of structure depends on the location like front yard gardens, backyards or even side yards. There are many landscape designs, style guides for more knowledge on ideal structures for our garden.

Types of garden structure ideas

There are many types of garden structures based on the functionality and purpose. We have Gazebo, Ramada, pool house and Trellis. Others include patio covers, pergola and arch structures.

  • Gazebo
  • Ramada
  • pool house
  • Trellis
  • patio covers
  • pergola
  • arch structures

Shade garden structure

A gardener or landscaper has a choice of many shade structures. List of shade structures include luxury backyard cabanas, sunrooms, shade sails. Others are garden arbor, screen porches, palapas, gazebos and retractable awnings.

  1. luxury backyard cabanas
  2. sunrooms
  3. shade sails
  4. garden arbor
  5. screen porches
  6. palapas
  7. gazebos
  8. retractable awnings

Patio covers

There are different types of patio covers based on the material used in the construct. Patios are structures made to provide shade from climatic conditions like rain, high winds and sunshine. Patio covers based on material content are aluminum patio covers, open roof or sold roof or interchangeable covers.


The function of a green house is to create a microclimate condition for the plants. The temperature, humidity, water uses, heat are controlled by the gardener. Greenhouse is good for flower production, homegrown food, and exotic plants. A greenhouse offers all year round farming for experienced gardeners regardless of external weather conditions.


Different from arbors trellis are primarily made to support vines. The lattice work are used to highline flat sections of a blank wall. They are used for different purposes like increase height of fences, include a privacy shield to outdoor structures or add interest to a blank wall.


On the other hand an arbor offers a small framework to support climbing plants. They have a dual purpose of support for climbing plant and to create a beautiful passage way. To increase effect add an arch while best position of arbor are gate, pathways.

Pool house

A pool house is a small shed like structure or building near a pool. The freestanding structure has multifunctional purpose. They ate ideal for storage of garden equipment, changing room before swimming. Other functions include storage of supplies, bedroom for guests, game room or even a kitchen.


Gazebo is a sold octagonal structure with open sides and full shaded cover. The proper is to create a semi-solid structure with un-obstructive open view. It is freestanding made from different materials depending on the builder’s choice. Sometime screening is added to the structure to prevent bugs like mosquitos, flies. The main purpose of a gazebo is to create a relaxing space to observe nature in solitude and quiet.


Ramada are built with closed roofs and are freestanding completely closed structures.. Perfect for cold weather the roofs trap heat and protect from rain. Best position for Ramada are outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen.

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Pergola is a freestanding structure with posts and support beams. It has an open roof, filtered shaded area with covered walkway. The cost depends on the size and material used in the construct. Other considerations are design, vinyl patio cover and types of plant to introduce on roof or sides.

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Garden arches

Garden arches are made from galvanized steel to create small arch structures to protect a plant or add beauty to the garden. Some are made into classic fruit cage, domed roof fruit cage or garden arch. Some are used in combination with beam supports. Introduce garden arches to bowers, gazebos, pergolas, obelisks, trellis and screens.

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