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Goat Farming: Goat Farming for Beginners

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Goat farming. Goat farming is a niche segment of animal husbandry. It involves the farming of goat for it’s meat, milk, fiber or skin. The animal is rugged and easy to grow alongside poultry Farming, like duck, turkey, or chicken. Other livestock to grow along with goat are cattle, ram, sheep. Perfect for pasture farming they easily convert low quality grass or shrubs into high quality lean meat. In most countries the meat is regarded as a delicacy and purchased at premium price. The good thing about goat Farming is the low cost of production, low space requirement, good feed conversion and low medication.

Housing Goat

You need to provide a simple shed in an elevated area.
The flooring of the shed could be mud and add fodder trees as a source of feed and an area with clean drinking water. Construct the shed with low cost material and provide adequate space for them to roam. The shed should have sturdy walls, a roof and good ventilation.
Type of pasture.
The quality of the pasture will determine the number of goats you can keep. Goats are predominantly herbivores but will try different grains. Things to feed goat are grass, shrubs, leaves, flowers, banana and grain.

World goat production.

World goat production statistics place India, Bangladesh, Sudan and Nigeria as the top producers. According to the food and agricultural organization, Africa alone produces over 290 million goats. Nigeria produces about 50 million goats, Sudan 43 million. Asian countries produce over 500 million while India 125 million goats and Pakistan about 60 million goats. In the United State of America 38% of goats are produced in Texas.

Goat products.

Goats has high economic value because of the many products derived from goat farming. Products are meat, milk, butter, cheese. Others includes fiber and goat skin.



Global consumption of goat meat is estimated at 10%. It is a healthier alternative to red meat because of it’s low cholesterol and saturated fat. Goat meat is regarded as wholesome lean meat. Sometimes called mutton, veal or venison the meat is favored in some countries.

Different goat meat preparation

Different preparation of goat are frying, stewed, boiling and grilling. It is barbecued, baked, canned, and minced. It is curried or turned into delicious sausages.


Unprocessed goat milk has small, well-emulsified fat globules, therefore the cream remains suspended in the milk instead of rising to the top, as in unprocessed cow milk. goat milk is perfect for cheese making die to it’s composition. World wide goat milk accounts for a paltry 2.5% of worlds consumption, why cow milk accounts for 50%. Derivative products from goats milk are goat cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and butter.

Goat skin.

Treated goat skin is used to make many products. It is used as parchment, drums, chairs, bags. The insulated hairs on goat skin a perfect fiber material. The desirable fiber is used in the textile industry to make shawls or cashmere.

How to start goat farming

To start goat farming you need land space. The space should provide adequate roam for the goats to roam about. Provide perimeter fence and a goat house for them to sleep at night or hide from the elements. Make sure the land has good vegetation or grass to feed the animal. Next source the type of goat based on you production. Purchase female milk goats if your focus is milk production. If you want to produce meat then buy billy goat. Goats with high fiber are good for fiber production. Purchase feed for the animal and substitute with grass on the farmland. Finally make sure to invite a veterinarian for the animals welfare. Marketing goat is easy because of the popularity of the meat. Sell the goat to private individuals, hotels, restaurant, meat shops. That’s all folks please don’t forget to subscribe and share.

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