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Legal requirements of home slaughter of livestock is different in each country. There are strict guides and recommendations to the practice. It is important to adherer to legal parameters to avoid getting foul of the law.
You are generally allowed to home slaughter your own livestock if the animal on your property or farm is eaten by you or your family. Government regulations or guidelines is to reduce risks to human health and regulate the practice.

Cattle feeding guide
Category of Animal Slaughtered
The type of animal slaughter is applicable to particular livestock. Common acceptable animals are goats, cattle, sheep, chicken, turkey.
• Goats
• Cattle
• Sheep
• Chicken
• Turkey
Things to Consider
The animal owner considering slaughtering should reach out to the appropriate local authorities where the animal is kept. They can contact the department of agriculture, environment or rural affairs. A good place to start is the regional office to acquire the relevant information.
General purpose of the guidelines include proper disposal of animal byproducts and waste. Others are animal welfare of time of killing. It includes method of killing and purpose.
• Proper disposal of animal byproducts
• Animal welfare of time of killing
• Method of killing and purpose
Food Standard Agency Guide
Intended audience for the guide are local authorities and keepers of livestock. This guide covers England and Wales only. The guide is merely to provide information on slaughtering of livestock at home.
Legal status covers EU requirements relating to hygiene and TSEs. The guide is applicable to livestock owners slaughter at home for consumption.
Legal Status
Status covers specific hygiene regulations, food hygiene regulations. The food hygiene regulation (EC) No853/2004.
This regulation stipulates that meat sold for human consumption must be slaughtered from an approved slaughter house. While Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002, Article 3 covers legality of slaughter outside approved premises.

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