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murrah buffalo

Murrah Buffalos are an integral part of cattle farming and found in many countries. They are common to Brazil, Ecuador and Azerbaijan. More include countries that farm Murrah are Colombia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Guatemala and Malaysia.

However half the population of Murrah Buffalos are found in India. Murrah buffalo produces high quality milk and a great resource for dairy farmers.

Commercial Murrah Buffalo Producers

  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Azerbaijan
  • Colombia
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka
  • Azerbaijan
  • Indonesia
  • Venezuela
  • Guatemala
  • Malaysia
  • India

Physical characteristics

Murrah buffalo physical characteristics are sturdy body, heavy set wedge shape. It has long small head long neck and face. Common color is jet-black eyes not walled long tail. They have short horns turned backwards and forwards.

Other characteristics are fully developed drooping udder, broad forward bending loin. Body weight for female’s average 445kg, males 545kg. Height of female about 1.35 meter, male 1.45 meters.

Murrah have smooth skin with equally distributed teats and the bull lives up to 3 years. Gestation period 310-315 days, dry period 3 months. Lactation period 290-300 days, peak period 15 liters daily.


  • sturdy body
  • heavy set
  • wedge shape
  • long small head
  • long neck and face
  • jet-black
  • eyes not walled
  • long tail
  • short horns turned backwards and forwards
  • fully developed drooping udder
  • broad forward bending loin
  • weight for female’s average 445kg
  • weight males 545kg
  • height of female about 1.35 meter
  • height male 1.45 meters
  • smooth skin
  • equally distributed teats
  • they live up to 3 years
  • gestation period 310-315 days
  • dry period 3 months
  • lactation period 290-300 days
  • peak period 15 liters daily

Why Farm Murrah Buffalo

Commercial production of the buffalo has man advantages. They are resistant to disease, hardy rough and able to thrive even in droughty conditions and highly sustainable in the absence of feed concentrate.

Murrah will feed on cop residue low level grasslands and prolific milk producer perfect for dairy farming. They adapt well to different climatic conditions and each buffalo will produce 10-15 liters of milk every day. The milk attracts premium price are high in fat content.

  1. Get premium price
  2. Prolific milk producers
  3. High fat content
  4. They eat crop residue
  5. Hardy
  6. Long living
  7. Resistant to disease
  8. Live in different climates


Disadvantages include late maturity of heifers 30 months. Difficulty in sourcing pore-bred while inter-calving period 12-16 months. They have a vicious temperament not easily handled.

  1. Mature late
  2. High mortality for calf
  3. Inter-calving period 12-16 months
  4. Vicious temperament
  5. Few pure-breed


The buffalo needs lots of digestible crude protein, digestible nutrients to grow and produce milk. Fodder production involves green fodder crops, silage. Feed them dry fodder 30, green fodder 30, concentrate.

  • Fodder
  • Green fodder
  • Concentrate


Wash them frequently to keep clean and separate sick animals. Vaccinate accordingly to prevent disease outbreak. Mortality rate for calves is high therefore proper management and handling is essential. Build shed in dry area, stock 50 buffaloes on 10 acres of land.

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