Startup Budget for Small Business

Startup Budget for Small Business

Why You Need a Startup Budget

Starting a small business is a herculean task because every few dollar goes towards the success or failure of the enterprise. A small to medium sized business require from $10,000 to $50,000 to get off the ground. However only a few entrepreneurs can raise $50, 000 not least $100,000. Therefore budgeting for long run success and accurate forecasting is essential to the growth or development of the enterprise.

What is a Startup Budget

A startup budget is a breakdown of capital needed at every stage of the company. It is important to determine how much money is actually needed for first month including projected research and estimates. A roadmap will effectively help manage the funds you have and prevent wastage.

There are many resources to consider when making a budget like digital spread sheet, accounting software, analytical tools to help allocate resources to important channels.

 Startup Budget Check list

1.         Choose the business

2.         Select a business name

3.         Research business ideas

4.         Study the competition

5.         Write a business plan

6.         Write a marketing plan

7.         Patent versus trademark

8.         Find out availability of domain name

9.         Find a business location

10.        Incorporate

11.        Get operational license

12.        Health or safety laws

13.        Get business insurance

14.        Tax

15.        Office supplies

16.        Printing needs

17.        Build a website

18.        Social media

19.        Marketing

20.        Funding

21.        Hire employees

startup budget for small business
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Startup Budget for Small Business

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