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Guide to Wheat Farming Business Plan


To start a wheat farm you need a good business plan. Wheat farming is one of the most lucrative business ventures. This is because of the high premium and many applications of wheat.

An investor needs to write a comprehensive plan that covers every aspect of the business. The plan should cover organizational structure, funding, staff requirements.

Others are securing operational license, good location, utilities, transportation and raw materials. One of the most important aspects is securing farm land for the wheatgrass.

Why Start a Wheat Farm

There are huge opportunities in the wheat farming sector. Commercial wheat production accounts for billions of dollar revenue worldwide.

Wheat is used in many culinary applications such as pastries, snacks, bread and biscuits. The business is practicable large or small scale and amount of funding depends on size of the enterprise. Here is a wheat farming business plan sample.


The checklist of things you need are business incorporation ad business name. You need insurance cover, opening a business account, obtaining tax identification number. Others are conducting a feasibility study, writing a business plan.

You need to design an employee handbook, get funding, recruitment of staff, purchase equipment. More requirements are purchase of seedlings, networking, lease/purchase farmland, buy equipment and set up structures.

  • Business incorporation
  • Business name
  • Insurance cover
  • Open a business account
  • Obtaining tax identification number
  • Conducting a feasibility study
  • Writing a business plan
  • Design an employee handbook
  • Get funding
  • Recruit staff
  • Purchase equipment
  • Purchase of seedlings
  • Networking
  • Lease/purchase farmland
  • Buy equipment
  • Set up structures

Wheat Farming Business Plan

Industrial Overview

A farmer can choose to grow wheat exclusively or farm different grain crops. Apart from wheat there are other crops to consider are rye, oats, barley or sorghum. Wheatgrass production depends on soil composition, weather conditions, species of wheat planted.

Other things that impact production are mechanized or manual farming. Top producers are South Africa, Brazil, Germany and Saudi Arabia. Others are United Kingdom, Canada, Africa and United States of America.

The United States has over 160, 000 grain farms, employing 300,000 labor. The US industry accounts for $12 billion annual sales with steady increase in growth rate.

The investor needs to write the business plan then carry out a feasibility study. It is important to choose appropriate land for the production and conform to zoning requirements. Commercial farming requires huge expanse of land and water.

Wheat Farming Business Plan

Executive Summary

Femur farm incorporated is a commercial farm based in the United States of America. The farm is located in Iowa and the land is suitable for wheat farming. The commercial farm will include sorghum, barley and wheat.

Farming method is mechanized and we strive to produce commercial quantities of the crops. The farm will also have a processing and packaging facility. Our goal is to produce quality products to competitive favorably with top producers.

Our marketing strategy is aimed at local and international markets. Femur farm has secured machinery, farming equipment and experienced staff to boost production. The staff will undergo periodic training to develop new skill and competitiveness.

We will offer welfare packages and incentives for staff. This is intended to drive production and produce high quality grain. We are will positioned to become one of the leading producers of wheat in America.

The farm is financed and owned by Mr. White Nixon and family. Mr. White Nixon has expensive knowledge in grain production and a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science.

Our Services

Femur farm Incorporated is a commercial farm with world class facilities. Our products include wheat, sorghum and barley in commercial quantities.

Our business involves production of raw materials in commercial quantity. We will operate a packaging and processing unit to meet international and domestic market standards.


We will operate a farm and operate a standard processing and packaging plant. The farm product we will grow are soft/hard red wheat and white wheat. Other products include oats, barley, rye, sorghum and durum.

  • Soft/hard red wheat
  • White wheat
  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Sorghum
  • Durum

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a leading player in commercial wheat production. We will leverage on good farmland, technology, professional staff and effective marketing strategy. We wish to run an ultramodern processing facility and packaging unit.

Business Structure

The business structure is aimed at producing commercial quantities of the product. With our infrastructure we hope to compete favorably with industrial farmers. Our target market is both domestic and international.

We will hire experienced and highly qualified staff to boost production. Staff positions are the chief executive officer, accountant, administrator and farm manager.

Others are field employees, driver, cultivation manager, processing and packaging manger. We will have an administrative staff, marketing and sales personnel.

  • Chief executive officer
  • Accountant
  • Administrator
  • Farm manager
  • Field employees
  • Driver
  • Cultivation manager
  • Processing and packaging manger
  • Administrative staff
  • Marketing and sales personnel

Roles and Responsibilities

The front desk officer receives documentation, distributes correspondence. Provides information and manages administrative duties. Field staff are the farm labor, weeding, tilling and watering the grass.

Their other functions include harvesting, gathering, and operation of machinery. The sales marketing executive identifies opportunities, develop leads and procure contracts.

The conduct sales analysis, market research, evaluate strategies to increase sales. Production manager oversees the processing and packaging unit.

The general managers’ duties include strategic planning, supervision, execution and compliance. The operational manager fix prices, conducts recruitment and monitor company operations.

Wheat Farming SWOT Analysis

We wish to develop a commercial farm and employ professional staff. We will leverage on technology, effective marketing and quality grains.

Our strengths include contact building, government subventions and machinery. Our weakness is based on startup challenges and established brands in the market.

The opportunity rests on the economic importance of wheat and high premium price. Threats include weather, fluctuating international prices and multiple taxation.

Funding Requirements

The owner is the chief executive officer of the business. The business is registered as a limited liability company. Funding requirements are incorporation fees, insurance and land acquisition.

Others are labor costs, purchase of equipment, raw materials and seedlings. The funds are needed to setup the processing, packaging plant, salaries and marketing.


The equipment are plough, tractor, harrow, broadcast seeder. Others are planter, soil excavators, soil cultivator, generator and mower. Others are processing machinery, packaging equipment, wheel barrows truck, mulch layer.


Advertise in electronic and print publications. Advertise in newspaper, social platforms and online. Place ads in yellow pages and directories.

The business will leverage on networking to increase customer base. More marketing strategies are direct marketing, promotions, seminars, word of mouth.

  • Electronic
  • Print publications
  • Advertise in newspaper
  • Social platforms
  • Yellow pages
  • Directories
  • Leverage on networking
  • Marketing strategies
  • Direct marketing
  • Promotions
  • Seminars
  • Word of mouth

Pricing Strategy

Things that affect price are cost of production. The price depends on prevailing prices both domestically and international.

Payment options are bank transfer, cash transactions. Others are online transfers, point of sale and bank draft.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage are good soil composition, ideal farm location, technology. We will leverage on quality seedling, experienced staff, appropriate pricing. We will conduct market research, offer competitive prices and encourage better output through staff incentives.

Sales Forecast

The farm will start as a small to medium scale enterprise. We will provide adequate room for expansion and growth.

Our aim is to increase sales gradually and become a major contributor to the industry. A tentative sales forecast for first fiscal year is expected at $250,000.

The subsequent year $450,000 and third year $850,000. The source of income is predicated on sales of products. The target market are manufacturing companies and end consumers.

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