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When to Harvest Vegetables and Fruits


Knowing the perfect time when to harvest vegetables and fruits is important. Proper harvest reduces waste, maximizes taste, flavor and freshness.
The best time to pick peas is before they wrinkle on the stem. Once they are plum and stem has a dull whitish cast they are ready. Test them by picking one open and observe the seed swelling.
• Pick before pods wrinkle on stem
• Pick when plum
• Pick when stem has dull whitish cast
• Pick one and open to see if seeds are round, tender swelling
Frost increase the flavor of parsnips and best time to harvest is 4 months.
• Frost maximizes their flavor
• Harvest at 16 weeks

how to grow lettuce
Allow the onion bulbs dry oil and cut off the tops. Once the tops are brown in color they are ready for harvesting. Another way is to harvest when the bulb is 1.5 in diameter or 7 inches tall. To preserve them store in cool, dry place.
• When onion tops turn brown they are ready for harvest
• Allow bulbs dry out
• Cut off the tops
• Store in dry, cool place
• Harvest when they reach 7 inches tall
• Harvest when bulb is 2 inches in diameter
Harvest when white portion is 2 inch diameter
Smooth medium sized roots with rich color, firm flesh are ideal for harvesting. Make sure the leaves are green and harvest both small and medium sized roots anytime.
Remove only rich green colored leaves with firm crisp heads. Discard wilted, pale or cracked head leaves.
• If okra is left long before picking they become tough and stringy.
• Harvest when slightly soft
• Pick pods when 3 inches long
• Alternately pick pods 7 days old
Look for visible markers such as seed bulge, thickness of pods.

Pick when buds are compact and flower heads dark green. The stalk should be firm, fresh and green.
Once flower buds appear they are ready for harvesting.
The sign of maturity are firm tender stalks with tightly closed tips. Cut them at 6-7 inches in length.

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