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How to harvest catfish for sale

The last stages of catfish farming is harvesting. This is when the fish farmer is rewarded for his effort. The farmer has a choice of different markets to sell his stock. He can sell wholesale or retail.

Ras fish farming 

How to sell

There are four ways to sell your stock, depending on your market preference. You sell either wholesale or retail.


You can sell your fish wholesale to catfish retailers, hotels, clubs,  restaurants and food outlets. Another retail outlet to consider are catfish smokers or grillers.


Some catfish farmers prefer to sell retail. They sell directly to customers  from the farm or a retail outlet.

Different sizes of catfish sold

There are two basic sizes sold by catfish farmers. You can sell full grown fish or midsized fish. Other catfish sold from one catfish farmer to another are fingerlings or juveniles.

Although catfish can attain huge sizes, 1kg sized fish is considered table size. Therefore catfish farmers sell 1kg  table sized fish.

The second sized fish sold are the 500g fish, they are young adult fish. This sized fish are sold to fish smokers.

Methods of Harvesting catfish

Regardless of you choice of market the fish needs harvesting. The harvesting technique is determined by the type of pond.

Plastic, block, cannopy or concrete ponds are harvested the same way. However different methods are used for large earthen ponds or water pools.

Things to do before harvesting

There are a few things you need to put in place before harvesting the fish. You need to gather the harvesting tools and determine the price per kg. Next don’t feed the fish for at least 14 hours prior harvesting. This is done only when you want to sell wholesale.

1.  Prepare harvesting tools
2. Determine price per kg
3.  Don’t feed them for 14 hours

Tools needed to harvest catfish

Before you start harvesting you need basic tool. Tools are a weighing scale, fishnet, large bowls, sacs.


1.  Weighing scale
2. Fishnet
3. Large bowls
4.  Sac

How to harvest catfish for sale

1. The pond method is applicable to all above ground ponds. You place a large bowl on a scale and adjust the scale to zero. Then keep bowl aside for weighing the fish.

2. Next empty the fish pond. The reason you empty the pond is to incapacitate the fish for easy catching. Use the outlets tap to perform this task.

3. Once the pond is empty use another large bowl to catch the fish. A better method is to use a large handheld fishnet.

4. Next place the caught fish in a basket to remove any water, then place the in the large measuring bowl you kept aside.

5. Place the bowl untop of the scale to determine the weight. Remove or add fish to the scale untill you get the appropriate weight for sale.

6. Use polyurethane bags for individual buyers, sacs for wholesale buyers. Sell you fish per kg at a predetermined price.

7. Once you are done selling your fish, immediately fill the pond to reduce the fishes stress.

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