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Anti-Stress Formula for Starter Fish

Anti-stress formula for starter fish fingerlings is very important for young fish development. Catfish develop in different stages from eggs then fry before becoming fingerlings. They develop from fingerlings to juvenile then young adults and table size (1kg) fish. It is a known fact that starter fish fingerlings die easily from many factor however proper management will reduce mortality.

Why Fingerlings Die

There are many reasons fingerlings die easily. Common reasons are poor genetic markers, bad water, inability to feed, toxins in the pond. However the main culprit to high mortality is stress related deaths.

Stress occurs in dirty water with low oxygen levels, during water change or transportation. Most casualty is during transportation from breeder to catfish farmer’s pond.

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Reasons Fingerlings Die

  • poor genetic markers
  • bad water
  • inability to feed
  • toxins in the pond
  • stress related deaths
  • low oxygen levels
  • during water change
  • during transportation
Anti-Stress Formula for Starter Fish
Catfish farming

Ways to Avoid High Mortality in Fingerlings

Ways to avoid high mortality in fish fingerlings are clean water source, careful handling. Best water source is from a dedicated borehole while a large 50 litter keg slit open at the top is ideal for transporting the fish.

While introducing fingerlings to new pond environment make sure to place the keg directly in the pond without emptying the content. This will allow the fish acclimatize with new pond condition and temperature changes.

This is done for only about 10 minutes before allowing them swim into the pond. A good practice during pond water change is to leave some water for them to swim then gently add new water.

If after all the precautions there is visible signs of stress and increased mortality. Then the farmer needs to apply anti-stress formula for starter catfish fingerlings.

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How to Avoid High Mortality in Fingerlings

  1. clean water source
  2. careful handling
  3. dedicated borehole
  4. large transport keg
  5. acclimatize fish to new pond
  6.  apply anti-stress formula for starter

Why Apply Anti-Stress Formula for Starter Catfish Fingerlings

The application of anti-stress formula is to improve fingerlings appetite and boost feed efficiency. Others are better productivity, growth, control of stress and sorting. The formula also helps fertility in breeding stock and ideal for starter fingerlings.

  • improve fingerlings appetite
  • boost feed efficiency
  • better productivity
  • growth, control of stress and sorting
  • helps fertility in breeding stock
  • ideal for starter fingerlings

Anti-stress formula composition

Composition of anti-stress formula has calcium lactate, vitamin B complex and electrolytes. Others are folic acid, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, sulphate, zinc and chloride D.P 60mg. More include dextrose, riboflavin, phyridoxide and nigcinamide 5mg.

Vitamin B100mg
Folic acid1mg
Potassium chloride20mg
Vitamin 123mg
Calcium lactate10mg
Sulphate 5mg


To use the formula mix 50mg into 5 to 10 liters of water. Then pour into 500 to 1000 cubic liters of 50 gm into 100kg of feeds for 3-5 days.

Simple Solution for Diseases Fingerlings

Sometimes despite great care or precautions mortality might persist. If disease is the main culprit like bloated fish, white fluffy skin or erratic swimming there is a simple solution.

Take a small-handful of salt and apply to about 500-1000 liters of water. Another way is to introduce two capsules of tetracycline into the water. Apply this two solution for only 24 hours before changing the water.

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