Poly House: How to construct polyhouse

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How to construct polyhouse

To construct a polyhouse you need to understand what constitutes a polyhouse. A polyhouse is a type of greenhouse made fr basic material. It is built with basic, easily accessible material. The polyhouse is either low, medium or high technology based on the architects design.


Polyhouse differ in sizes from small to medium or large structure. Small and medium structures are perfect for small hold farmers, while larger structure are best for commercial farms.

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Types of polyhouse

We have the environment controlled polyhouse, and natural ventilated polyhouse. They are further segmented into type of material used in the construct, and level of technology.

Technology in polyhouse

The technology used in polyhouse farming are for temperature control, humidity, ventilation. Others include use of fertilizer, raised flower beds, pest control through spraying.

How to construct polyhouse

Advantages of polyhouse farming

The effective greenhouse technology is a major advantage to polyhouse farming. Others include good temperature control, pest control and practicality of the system. More are low cost material, easy maintenance, cheap materials. Added advantages are pest free environment, organic farming, high farm yield. The disadvantages are wear and tear, poor airflow and some utility bills.

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  1. Effective greenhouse technology
  2. Good temperature control
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Pest free environment
  5. High farm yield
  6. Organic farming
  7. Low cost
  8. Cheap materials

How to construct polyhouse

Reasons to construct polyhouse are better yield, modified climatic conditions. The type of polyhouse will determine materials used in the construct. Common materials are UV stabilizer film, bamboo, galvanized steel, support sheath. More are transparent polyethylene, iron rods roof support, garden beds.

Polyhouse construction

Use local fabricators and local available material. The polyhouse basically has a warehouse-like structure. The roofs are generally arched to provide good ventilation. Use support beams of either bamboo or galvanized steel. The polyhouse should have a door for easy access. The span could be on the roof and sides.ost of the entire structure both sides and roof are covered with transparent polyethylene material. Inside the structure you have flower beds in rows. High tech polyhouse has temperature control, humidity control, sprinkler system, irrigation system.

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