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You have gone through six tough months growing your catfish to table size. They are healthy and ready for buyers so how do you determine the catfish price.

Getting the best deal for your fish is important and can impact on profit or loss. There are certain parameters catfish farmer’s uses when they want to sell their fish.

Even catfish breeders have their own way when selling to other fish farmers. The general rule is that the fish are sold based on size and weight.

Catfish Breeder’s prices

Breeders determine their prices based on the size of the fish. They sell three different sizes of fish to fish farmers and the prices vary according to size.

catfish priceSelling Fry

The smallest size fish sold by catfish breeders are the fry. The breeder can sell them for as little as N5 to N10 naira depending on the buyers bargaining power.

The danger associated with fry is their mortality, they die easy. Only highly experienced handlers can successfully grow fry to adulthood.

If the catfish breeder seeing a farmer interested in buying fry he must likely would sell.

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Selling Fingerlings

The normal size catfish breeders sell to fish farmers are the fingerlings. Fingerlings are sturdier and can survive better than the fry.

Fish farmers like buying fingerlings because they can control the growth process easily. Fingerlings respond to clear clean water and good feeding to grow fast.

The catfish farmer might sell shooters a little more than the fingerlings. But generally the cost of both shooters and regular fingerlings are the same.

Some fish breeders sell them between N15 to N25 depending on the fish farmers bargaining power.

Selling Young juvenile catfish

Fish breeders sell young juvenile catfish to fish farmers. This size of the fish is slightly larger than fingerlings and cost more.

Juvenile catfish go for prices between N25 to N35 according to their size. Some grow fast while others are old catfish that have refused to grow.

The problem with buying juvenile is the difficulty in tell an old fish from a fast growing young fish. The way to tell is to observe the skin of the fish; older fish tend to have darker and tougher skin.

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Selling Young adults

Fish farmers can sell young adult catfish to market women who smoke fish for sale. Catfish can grow into young adults in four months of good feeding.

Young adults weigh between 250 grams to 500 grams and sell between N250 to N400. Large fish farmers leverage on this market to raise funds to feed the remaining fish.

Young adults take about four and a half monthly to reach 500grams

Table size catfish

Fish farmers aspire to grow their fish to 1kg size which is the benchmark for selling. Every 1kg weight attracts N700-800 Naira so the heavier the fish the more money.

A single fish can weight upwards 2.5kg and above getting premium price. Every catfish farmer needs a scale to measure the fish when they want to sell.


Fry 10grams N10
Fingerlings 50grams N20
Juvenile 100grams N25
Young adults 250-500grams N250-N400 PER 500GRAM
Adult catfish 800grams- N700-N800 PER KILO

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