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Earning income catfish farming

Do you know your fish farm can earn you income by other means other than selling your fish? Yes many fish farmers do other business ventures on the farm.

The fish farm because of its infrastructure has many advantages that can be harnessed to create additional income. Catfish farming is lucrative and the side deals can also create more money for the clever fish farmer.

Let us look at different ways fish farmers use their fish farms to make money.

Make money using your catfish farm

There are several ways you can make money using your farm in creative ways. You can leases ponds to new prospective fish farmers and earn monthly income.

The farmer can provide tours, tutorials showing the farm, lectures and seminars. The empty fish ponds can be converted into livestock enclosures and other interesting uses.


Create a video tutorial

It is easy to create a video tutorial on fish farming if you already have the facility. All you need to accomplish this is a video camera or smart phone.

You can make the video and offer it for sale via adverts or sold to video stores. You can also upload the video to YouTube and earn income.

Create an eBook

EBooks are very popular and can earn writers monthly income. Since you already own a fish farm why not write an eBook take pictures of your farm explaining the production process.

You can also include videos and other materials to enhance the experience. It is easy to upload your eBook and there are many free publishers online.

Organize educational tours

Organizing field tours to your fish farm is a veritable way of earning huge returns. Field tours don’t come cheap and prospective fish farmers learn better on site.

The tour can also include schools, groups and even paying individuals. The tour might be part of a seminar to increase the participant’s awareness.

Organize a seminar

The seminar should be about catfish farming or any topic related to fish farming. This is when the video becomes important alongside tutorial manuscripts.

The seminar should also include site tours both paid and inclusive. You can do the seminar at you fish farm thereby eliminating the cost of renting a hall.  Seminars are big business and it is made much easier because of your fish farm.

Lease your fish farm

If your fish farm has lots of empty ponds you can lease your fish farm. People interested in fish farming and are unwilling or unable to build one might be interested in leasing.

You can earn monthly payment from leasing your fish farm or several ponds.Fish farers that have large fish farms can leverage on this business to earn nice income.

How to Start Catfish Breeding Business

Offer management services

You can make money managing other people fish. But the danger in this arrangement is the liability if any unforeseen thing happens to the fish.

Be very careful with this arrangement and secure your interests through a legal agreement. Managing other people stock is lucrative but there are many things that can go wrong.

Sell part of your farm

You can sell portions of your farm if you need urgent capital. The downside of this arrangement is you lose the ownership of that portion to somebody else.

If you want to cash out of the fish farming business then you can sell your fish farm. Because of the structures and pond the value of the farm increases.

Turn your farm into a botanical garden

All you need to do is get a good gardener to plant alluring flowers in your farm. Then add a few domestic wild life like goats, sheep, pigs a bird or two.

Work on the landscaping to make the place more interesting before opening it to the public. If the place looks nice you can charge a gate fee from visitors to your farm.

Look carefully at government and state regulations before trying out this venture.

How to earn income with your fish farm without selling the stock

1                    Create a video of your fish farm for YouTube

2                    Write an eBook with lots of pictures of your farm

3                    Give paid tours of your facilities

4                    Sell portions of your farm

5                    Lease empty ponds

6                    Open a botanical garden

7                    Offer management services

8                    Organize seminars at your farm

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