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Manufacturing poultry equipment is highly lucrative due to the huge demand. The price of the equipment depends on the product, design and functionality. Factory operations require proper manufacturing equipment, good location, utilities, and nearness to source of raw materials.

Poultry Equipment

Poultry equipment is based on type of poultry farming or production. We have the egg hatchery equipment, broiler, layers, and egg production. Other poultry farming equipment include poultry feed production, meat production, growing chicks.

poultry farm equipment
poultry farm equipment

Hatchery Equipment

It is important to minimize egg handling to prevent cracks. The equipment deployed is an egg transportation pallet. Other hatchery equipment are trolleys, trays, basket, HVAC/ECO-VAC for climate control to adjust air circulation, humidity. More are single stage incubators, automated washing, and transfer.

List of Hatchery Farming Equipment

  1. Fully automated egg Hatchery
  2. egg transportation pallet
  3. trolleys
  4. trays
  5. basket
  6. HVAC
  7. ECO-VAC
  8. single stage incubators

Poultry Chicks Equipment

Poultry chicks are generally divided into broilers, layers. Broilers are predominantly bred for meat production while layers are for egg production. Specially bred for fast growth broilers mature within two months. The type of equipment used for both broilers are layers are the same. Poultry chicks require housing, heater, light source, feeder. They need a water trough, secure fencing and flooring.

Integrated Farming System

Chick growing equipment

  • housing
  • heater
  • light source
  • feeder
  • water trough
  • secure fencing
  • flooring

Poultry egg production farm

Poultry egg production farm use specialized equipment. The equipment depends on the size of the farm, manual or automated. Specialized hens used for egg production are layers. An average layer lays an egg a day depending in its proficiency, availability of layers feed a water.

They require good ventilation, occasional medication, proper housing. To produce eggs house the hens in a layer cage system. Add an egg collection system, feeding and drinking system

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